New Rollover Business Startup (ROBS) Book Launches New Website

Turning Retirement Funds into Start-Up Dreams Book written by Adam Bergman, IRA Financial Group partner, launches new website.

Turning Retirement Funds into Start-Up Dreams – financing and retirement funding options for your start-up business, launched a new website: The website offers information on the book and the author, Adam Bergman, Esq. The book is also available on Amazon and all major book retailers.

The newly published book offers an in-depth overview of the various financing and retirement funding options available to entrepreneurs and business owners, including the viability of the Rollover Business Start-Up Solution (ROBS).

Turning Retirement Funds Into Start-Up Dreams is the next best thing to a private consultation with author Adam Bergman, Esq., a leading expert on IRAs and 401(k) plans. And what you’ll discover is that investing in yourself with your own retirement funds could be a viable option for you under the right circumstances.

This book provides a detailed analysis of various ways you can finance a business venture, including using personal savings, acquiring a traditional loan or SBA loan, using a credit card, approaching family or friends, and crowdfunding. It then discusses in detail the amazing benefits—and limitations—of the self-directed IRA, 401(k) plan loan option, and the Rollover Business Start-Up(ROBS) as business funding solutions.

Illustrating these approaches through a fictional conversation between Ken, who would like to quit his job and start a water business, and a helpful tax attorney named John, this book clearly explains how each funding structure works so you can apply the information to your entrepreneurial dreams. “The new website provides a detailed overview of the various way one can fund or finance a start-up business using personal and/or retirement funds.“ stated Steve LaVista , head of digital marketing with the IRA Financial Group “Few people, including many attorneys and CPAs, realize that it might be possible for you to legally buy, finance, or invest in your own business with your retirement funds.” Stated Mr. Lavista.

Adam Bergman is a senior tax partner with the IRA Financial Group, LLC, the markets leading provider of Self-Directed IRA LLC and Solo 401(k) plans. Mr. Bergman is also the managing partner of the law firm The Bergman Law Group, LLC. In addition, Mr. Bergman is a recognized expert on IRAs and 401(k) Plans and is the founder of the and the Mr. Bergman is the author of the book titled, “ Going Solo: America’s Best Kept Retirement Secret For the Self-Employed,” available on Amazon, and is a frequent contributor to Forbes. Mr. Bergman has advised over 12,000 clients on the self-directed IRA LLC and Solo 401(k) Plan solutions.

Mr. Bergman has been quoted in a number of major publications on the area of self-directed retirement plans. Mr. Bergman has been interviewed on CBS News and has been quoted in Businessweek, CNN Money, Forbes, Dallas Morning News, Daily Business Review,, San Francisco Chronicle, U.S. Tax News, the Miami Herald, Bloomberg, Arizona Republic, San Antonio Express, Findlaw, Smart Money, USA Today, Houston Chronicle, Morningstar, and American Lawyer on the area of retirement tax planning.

Prior to joining the IRA Financial Group, LLC, Mr. Bergman worked as a tax and ERISA attorney at White & Case LLP, Dewey LeBoeuf LLP, and Thelen LLP, three of the most prominent corporate law firms in the world. Throughout his career, Mr. Bergman has advised thousands of clients on a wide range of tax and ERISA matters involving limited liability companies and retirement plans. Mr. Bergman received his B.A. (with distinction) from McGill University and his law degree (cum laude) from Syracuse University College of Law. Mr. Bergman also received his Masters of Taxation (LL.M.) from New York University School of Law.

Mr. Bergman is recognized as a leading retirement tax-planning expert and has lectured attorneys on the legal and tax aspects of Self-Directed IRA LLC and Solo 401(k) Plans. Mr. Bergman has also been retained by several leading IRA custodians, including Entrust, to offer expertise on the Self-Directed IRA structure. Mr. Bergman is a member of the Tax Division of the American Bar Association and New York State Bar Association.

IRA Financial Group is the market’s leading provider of self-directed retirement plans. IRA Financial Group has helped thousands of clients take back control over their retirement funds while gaining the ability to invest in almost any type of investment, including real estate without custodian consent.

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Investment Bank Launches

Middle market investment banking firm announces the launch of, a website focused on mid to late-stage startups seeking capital, consulting and other financial advisory services., a division of Merit Harbor Group, LLC announces the launch of, a website focused on showcasing the company’s unique consulting angle on some of the most promising startup companies. Because most of the company’s work is outside the realm of the earliest-stage startup companies, the company has launched this new site with a focus geared toward startup companies that are post-revenue, but still seeking both capital and consulting assistance to take them to the next level of growth.

Later stage companies that have typically have been around for one or more years, have existing customers and a trajectory that leans toward further growth into the future are the best fit for the firm’s services. The focus away from the earliest, nascent companies helps to filter out some clients that may lack experience–or at least have not yet shown they have the skills to take a company from its initial stage to a proven profitable business.

In some instances, the company will work with startups, particularly those with a hot product or that fit within the parameters for the new Regulation A+. Such startups could include companies with interesting and scalable technology, an existing large user-base, or a business that has thought about going public to raise capital, but wanted to do so using an alternative method. The new law with Regulation A+ allows firms to raise up to $50 million from both accredited and non-accredited retail investors in a public offering. It’s what the crowdfunding industry is calling a “mini-IPO.”

A typical client for the company fits outside the definition of a true startup. In most cases the company works with clients that are profitable and growing with annual earnings above $3 million. branches outside this typical client definition to help service some of the most promising startup companies, assisting them by providing both capital and consulting in their quest toward growth and eventual exit.

About is a division of Merit Harbor Group, LLC a middle-market investment bank with offices in several cities across the United States. Like other boutique investment banks, the company helps with buy and sell-side mergers and acquisitions and capital raises. In addition, the company has a consulting practice that helps companies with organic and inorganic growth as they scale. That is, the firm employs in-house consultants that assist in preparing a business for growth and scale before, during and after a capital infusion. Such growth could include the hiring of an internal CFO, more salespeople or assistance with multiple buy-side acquisitions. The recent launch of is aimed at tying together some of the firm’s unique services for growing middle market companies. Those interested in following the company can subscribe to their investment banking blog.

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John Livesay Partners With Judy Robinett, Launches Global Network Of Investors And Startup Founders In Private Facebook Group

John Livesay, host of the podcast, The Successful Pitch, partners with #1 best selling author Judy Robinett to create private Facebook group ecosystem for global investors and successful startup founders to network and get their startup funded fast.

John Livesay, host of The Successful Pitch podcast and Judy Robinett, Inc., #1 best selling author of How to Be A Power Connector, announced today the collaborative launch of The Successful Pitch Podcast Guest Group private Facebook group for guests of The Successful Pitch podcast, allowing guests access to an exclusive network of global investors and successful founders who share insights and criteria to becoming insiders in the world of getting funded.

“I am thrilled to have Judy Robinett, with her expertise in funding and connecting people, as my co-host of the Facebook group,” says Livesay. “The venture capital experience and relationships she brings to the table is what makes her known as the woman with the ‘Titanium Rolodex.’ Who knows? Maybe our guests will get to know each other so well they end up funding one or more startups.”

The creation of the The Successful Pitch Podcast Guest Group Facebook network models Judy’s book concept of being in the “right room” with key players to accelerate entrepreneurs and investors business goals. While many founders and investors may network within their own city, they don’t know or have introductions to key investors in their industry nationally let alone globally. Livesay’s The Successful Pitch podcast hosts guests worldwide.

“Partnering with John Livesay was easy, as his network of expert guests spans the globe from key players like Australia’s Alan Jones at BlueChilli Group, Israel’s Danny Cohen at Carmel Ventures to London’s Lex Deak at QVentures, making him a true power connector,” said Robinett.

Additionally, Livesay is contributing to Robinett’s new mastermind, “Crack The Funding Code,” where she is accepting qualified startup founders in an exclusive mentorship to assist them in getting their startup funded fast.

About John Livesay

As a funding strategist, John Livesay helps CEOs craft a compelling pitch that engages investors in a way that inspires them to join a startup’s team. He is the Pitch Mentor at, the number one accelerator in Upstate New York. After a successful 20 year career in media sales with Conde Nast where he worked across all 22 brands in their corporate division [GQ, Vanity Fair, Wired, W and Vogue] and created integrated programs for clients such as Lexus, Hyundai and Guess, John won salesperson of the year in 2012 across the entire company. John’s book, The 7 Most Powerful Selling Secrets and has been translated into Spanish and Russian. John has a B.S in Advertising from the University of Illinois.

About Judy Robinett

Judy Robinett is the author of How to Be a Power Connector: The 5-50-150 Rule, released by (McGraw-Hill, 2014), and the coauthor of a chapter in Crowdfunding for Dummies by Sherwood Neiss, Jason W. Best, and Zak Cassady-Dorion (Wiley, 2013). Robinett has served as the CEO of both public and private companies and in management positions at Fortune 500 companies, as well as serving on the advisory boards of Illuminate Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm based in Menlo Park, California; Pereg Ventures, a venture capital firm based in New York; Springboard Enterprises based in Washington, DC.

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Pascal Cagni Appointed Chairman Of Hardware Club To Build The Next Generation Of Hardware Startups

Hardware Club, the highly selective club of Hardware Startups, has appointed as its new Chairman Pascal Cagni, who spearheaded Apple’s growth in Europe for 12 years and is the founder of C4 Ventures.

Alongside renowned investors, Pascal Cagni invested in Hardware Club’s initial financing round. Other strategic investors include Bruno Maisonnier (founder of Aldebaran Robotics), Marie Ekeland (founder of France Digitale & Daphni), Stephane Distinguin (founder of Fabernovel), and Ryota Matsuzaki (ex-Rakuten Director and founder of Kibidango).

Sonny Vu (co-founder and CEO at Misfit) and Jeff Burton (co-founder of Electronic Arts) also joined its board of advisors.

Launched 12 months ago by co-founders Alexis Houssou and Barbara Belvisi, Hardware Club’s mission is to help founders scale up their companies. “The Hardware Renaissance has unleashed an immense potential which needs to be fostered. We are here to help startups that have an already proven demand to become the next giants of consumer electronics,” explains co-founder Alexis Houssou.

Hardware Club selects the most promising hardware startups worldwide and provides them with a whole new level of support on hardware-related challenges, including an unprecedented set of resources and partnerships. The platform has already closed partnerships with leading manufacturing firms including Foxconn, Jabil and Quanta Computer and global distribution networks such as Amazon, Target and Media-Saturn.

Since its launch, Hardware Club has attracted a significant amount of attention among the hardware ecosystem and very quickly became the world’s largest community of hardware companies. It now officially counts 86 selected members from 20 countries including companies like Misfit, Thync, Narrative, Click&Grow and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies.

Once companies are selected to become members, their access to the community, resources and partnerships are free of charge. Hardware Club also operates as an investment firm, investing in a number of its early stage members. For instance, Hardware Club was the first investor in Prynt, the Instant Camera smartphone case that raised over $1.5M on Kickstarter last February. More recently, Hardware Club made 2 seed investments in robotics startups: Keecker, the world’s first smart home robot and Reach Robotics, the company behind the amazing Mecha Monsters robots.

“In the hardware industry more than any other, time matters. Startups often lose months looking for the right manufacturing partners, trying to get in touch with the relevant merchants or raising funding rounds. Hardware Club was designed as a solution to this challenge with the aim of facilitating large-scale manufacturing, global distribution and financing for hardware startups,” commented co-founder Barbara Belvisi.

Pascal Cagni, newly appointed Chairman at Hardware Club said in a statement, “When I met the team last year, I immediately shared their vision of supporting hardware startups by leveraging the power of a large community. Combined with key partnerships into the hardware eco-system, Hardware Club should become the catalyst of a new generation of successful hardware startups.”

In 2000, Steve Jobs appointed Cagni as Apple’s General Manager and VP Europe, Middle East, India and Africa (EMEIA). Here, Cagni grew annual sales significantly from $1.2bn in 2001 to $40bn in 2012. Today, he serves as a board member of Vivendi SA and Kingfisher plc. He recently joined, alongside Anna Wintour, the board of directors of Condé Nast owned e-commerce website He is also the founder and partner at C4 Ventures, his London-based Venture Capital firm.

Barbara Belvisi, co-founder at Hardware Club commented, “We’re thrilled to welcome Pascal as our new Chairman. There are very few people with this level of experience and vision. His insight within the hardware business will be invaluable to us.”

To achieve its vision, Hardware Club recently welcomed two new partners: Jerry Yang, a former Qualcomm-Atheros senior engineer and Caroline Lair, a former Apple employee, to strengthen its team and widen its support on manufacturing & distribution. With offices recently opened in Paris, Taipei and San Francisco, Hardware Club is now all set to make the hardware renaissance truly happen.

About The Hardware Club

Hardware Club is the first global scaling platform for hardware startups.

Hardware Club selects the most promising startups worldwide and helps them with key hardware issues like manufacturing and distribution. Hardware Club has its own investment arm that invests in some of the Club’s startups during the pre-seed, seed and series A rounds.

All members benefit from unlimited and free access to a dedicated set of resources: private events worldwide, a community of more than 150 hardware founders, an online platform and strategic partnerships with top-tier manufacturers, distributors and service providers.

Everyone at Hardware Club is stage, geography and sector agnostic. Based in Paris, Taipei and San Francisco, Hardware Club believe the hardware revolution is global and so are they.

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Entertainment Industry Foundation Announces Additional TV, Film And Musical Guests For Think It Up Education Initiative Telecast

Jason Bateman, Halle Berry, Justin Bieber, Julie Chen, Terry Crews, Jennifer Garner, Taylor Lautner, Joe Manganiello, Seth Meyers, Kacey Musgraves, and J.K. Simmons are Among Latest Stars to Participate in September 11, 2015 Event on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC 8 pm ET & PT / 7 pm CT

Previously announced participants include Kristen Bell, Stephen Colbert, Scarlett Johansson, Matthew McConaughey, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jeremy Renner, Ryan Seacrest and Jessica Williams

Den of Thieves to Produce “Roadblock” Fundraising Special

The Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF), a leading charitable organization of the entertainment industry, [recently] announced the latest round of celebrity participants for the star-studded “roadblock” fundraising telecast in support of Think It Up, EIF’s new national education initiative, on Friday, September 11, 2015, at 8 pm ET & PT / 7 pm CT.

[Recently] EIF announced the telecast will include special musical performances from Justin Bieber and Kacey Musgraves, as well as appearances by Jason Bateman, Halle Berry, Julie Chen, Terry Crews, Jennifer Garner, Taylor Lautner, Joe Manganiello, Seth Meyers, and J.K. Simmons.

Previously announced participants include Kristen Bell, Stephen Colbert, Scarlett Johansson, Matthew McConaughey, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jeremy Renner, Ryan Seacrest and Jessica Williams.

ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC will simultaneously broadcast the live Think It Up one-hour special from the Barker Hangar at the Santa Monica Airport.

Think It Up seeks to inaugurate a new movement in support of the nation’s students, teachers and schools, helping generate excitement about learning everywhere in America and building a sense of optimism about the changes underway in classrooms across the country. Because education is the cornerstone of our democracy and economy, Think It Up aims to renew a sense of promise for all of America’s public school students. With new technologies, ingenuity and higher expectations, we are living today in the most dynamic era in learning and education since free public school was established in the US.

The telecast, which is produced by Jesse Ignjatovic and Evan Prager for Den of Thieves, working with Entertainment Industry Foundation producers, is designed to spark a new excitement for learning across the country, as well as to launch and accept donations via, a first-of-its-kind platform to fund student-powered, teacher-led learning projects in partnership with, the popular teacher crowdfunding charity.

These projects will facilitate meaningful learning for the students involved, and will help students connect what they working on in the classroom today to the challenges they will face in the future. In addition to aggregating funds from citizen donors, will make it possible for major donors, such as corporations, philanthropists and foundations, to match some public contributions. Think It Up major supporters include Staples, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, ExxonMobil and Ashoka’s Start Empathy Initiative.

Den of Thieves has been responsible for some of the most-watched live television events in the country. The Think It Up telecast will be informative, but fast-paced, with content focused squarely on students and teachers. The celebrity participants will introduce inspirational projects from schools across the US, as well as share personal stories of how amazing teachers and the power of learning have had a positive impact on their lives.

“The entire Think It Up show is about creating energy,” said Evan Prager from Den of Thieves. “We’ll have a large standing audience and our celebrity talent will be able to interact with the kids on the floor and create a genuine connection. Think It Up is an incredibly exciting initiative and with the help of all the celebrities that have agreed to participate, we are going to help make this one-hour special an incredible launch for this important movement.”

“Think It Up is a powerful platform to help students work with their teachers to pursue their passions and achieve their goals,” said Lisa Paulsen, CEO of Entertainment Industry Foundation. “This show needs to create anticipation for the overall initiative, and our incredible performers and participants are the perfect group to spark excitement with our audience. We are so excited for the telecast on September 11th: it will inspire viewers, introduce them to Think It Up’s goals, and give them the opportunity to soon begin donating to student-powered, teacher-led projects in schools across the country.”

In addition to the roadblock telecast, Think It Up will engage celebrities and education/community influencers to help keep a steady drumbeat of excitement about learning and encourage ongoing support for students and teachers. National public awareness campaigns featuring celebrity ambassadors will run across all media platforms, including print, broadcast, digital, out-of-home and radio.

About the Entertainment Industry Foundation

The Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF), established in 1942, harnesses the collective power of the entire industry to generate awareness and funds for critical health, educational and social issues. Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C), EIF’s largest initiative, was established in 2008 by film and media leaders who utilize the industry’s resources to engage the public in supporting a new, collaborative model of cancer research, and to increase awareness about cancer prevention as well as progress being made in the fight against the disease. SU2C accelerates research to get new therapies to patients quickly. Since its founding seven years ago, SU2C has launched 16 collaborative “Dream Teams” comprising over 940 scientists from 123 leading institutions around the world. That research, including 151 planned, initiated or completed clinical trials, has led to Food and Drug Administration approval of two new treatments. In just 15 months, Hunger Is, EIF’s collaboration with The Safeway Foundation, has significantly raised awareness of childhood hunger in the United States and over $10 Million to support breakfast, afterschool and out-of-school meal programs.

About Think It Up

Think It Up is an initiative of the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF), a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, created to bring broad cultural attention to the urgency of improving the learning experience in America. The national education initiative will seek to reframe the public discussion about education, create a culture of excitement about learning everywhere in America and build a sense of optimism about the potential of education in classrooms across the country.

Think It Up will invite public middle and high school students to work with their teachers to develop projects that draw on their passions and help pursue their educational goals. Posted on, in collaboration with, the student-powered, teacher-led projects will be crowdfunded by citizen donors beginning September 2015. The projects will entail rigorous skill development that prepares American youth for post-high school life, helping pave the way for career success, regardless of the path.


Founded in 2000, makes it easy for anyone to help a classroom in need. Teachers at over 60 percent of all the public schools in America have created project requests, and more than a million people have donated $330 million to projects that inspire them. Over 14 million students — most from low-income communities and many in disaster-stricken areas — have received books, art supplies, field trips, technology, and other resources that they need to learn.

About Den of Thieves

Launched in 2007 by Jesse Ignjatovic and Evan Prager, Den of Thieves has emerged as a force for ambitious music-driven event shows and unique non-scripted television series. In the live event show space, Den of Thieves has Executive Produced the MTV Video Music Awards, American Idol on FOX, Pitbull’s New Year’s Revolution on FOX, the MTV Movie Awards, Key & Peele’s Super Bowl Special on Comedy Central, the Peabody Awards on Pivot, the CMT Awards, and The Radio Disney Music Awards – among many others.

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EarlyShares Launches Institutional-Quality Real Estate Investment From Pillar, A Guggenheim Partners Affiliate

Accredited investors on EarlyShares can access a secured debt investment underwritten by a top institutional lender

EarlyShares, the leading real estate crowdfunding platform that gives accredited investors direct access to commercial real estate opportunities, has launched a new investment opportunity from Pillar, a respected commercial real estate lender and affiliate of Guggenheim Partners. The offering is for participation interests in a $1.4 million mezzanine loan in the Racquet Club Apartments in Lancaster, California. This class of investment is traditionally only available to institutional investors, but Pillar is opening the deal to all accredited investors for a $25,000 minimum investment.

The Racquet Club Apartments is a 200-unit apartment community is in Los Angeles County. Pillar is offering investors a 9.00% return on the interest-only mezzanine loan, which has a maturity date of December 6, 2019.

At closing, $1,138,000 ($5,690/unit) was escrowed to fund capital improvements, including $500,000 ($2,500/unit) for interior upgrades. Rent levels at the property were at the lower end of the competitive set identified by the appraiser, providing for upside rent potential.

Accredited investors who are interested in learning more should [go] here and request access to the investment offering:

“Our team at Pillar is very excited to be crowdfunding this mezzanine loan on EarlyShares,” said Anand N. Gajjar, Principal and CEO of Pillar. “We have deep experience in this type of commercial real estate asset, but we’ve typically only worked with institutional investors on these kinds of deals. Hosting this offering on EarlyShares will help us broaden our reach to new investors who have traditionally been unable to access institutional-quality investments.”

“EarlyShares is committed to working only with highly respected real estate developers, lenders, and investment firms – and Pillar is a sterling example,” said Joanna Schwartz, co-founder and CEO of EarlyShares. “Accredited investors can rarely participate in deals underwritten by lenders of Pillar’s caliber. We’re thrilled to be working with this Guggenheim Partners affiliate and we hope a wide array of investors will take advantage of this opportunity.”

To browse all current investment opportunities on the EarlyShares platform, [go] here:

Under current SEC regulations, only accredited investors who are registered users of EarlyShares are able to invest in the Racquet Club Apartments deal and other opportunities on EarlyShares. Interested investors can sign up here and fill out an accreditation questionnaire to determine if they are eligible to invest.

About EarlyShares

EarlyShares is the trusted real estate crowdfunding platform that gives accredited investors direct access to vetted, return driven investments in commercial real estate. Under new securities regulations, EarlyShares streamlines the processes of real estate investing and capital raising to make them more accessible, transparent, and data-driven. Thousands of investors are seeking to invest nearly $300 million on EarlyShares in the next 12 months.

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A first In Canada:, The First Equity Crowdfunding Portal For Business

A group of entrepreneurs and an angel investor have just launched, a platform that puts entrepreneurs looking for financing in contact with investors from the public at large, whether they are qualified or not. With, a company can register with the platform and reach a financing objective of up to $250,000 built on a maximum of $1500 per investor. has nothing to do with the current offer of crowdfunding sites, which give users the chance to buy a product or service in the form of presale, without any actual share ownership in the company. makes equity crowdfunding possible—by issuing debt securities (such as bonds) or a participation that give users the right to a portion of the eventual profits (such as shares) to subscribers (an investor) from the public at large. This type of crowdfunding is authorized by the securities regulators in the participating province or territory where the business or investors are located.

With the platform, businesses can maximize their chances of success by having access to qualified investors acting as lead investors or sponsors and by making full use of tools that will help them secure their financing.

The financing process of the platform meets the standards and criteria of Multilateral CSA Notice 45-316 (Start-up Crowdfunding Registration and Prospectus Exemptions), issued by the Autorité des marchés financiers in Quebec and the securities regulatory authorities in five other provinces. The AMF and the Nova Scotia authorities have given its official go-ahead with its prospectus and registration exemptions for crowdfunding of start-up businesses. The provinces of British Columbia, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick are also in’s sights. innovates by making it possible for entrepreneurs in need of capital (up to $250,000 twice a year) to issue shares of their business on the Web to investors who will then become part owners of the business.

Here’s an example from the Autorité des marchés financiers site to illustrate how it works:

“Valérie has a brilliant idea. She has developed a soft drink flavoured with maple syrup and other local products. She has prepared a detailed business plan and hopes to turn a profit from her business venture. She thinks there is a market for maple soft drinks in gourmet grocery stores, bars and restaurants. She wants to begin production. She needs $75,000 in order to bottle and market her soft drinks. She applied to a financial institution for a loan, but was refused. She is thinking about raising the funds she needs by issuing shares through a securities crowdfunding campaign.”

It’s not the stock exchange

What’s important to understand is that the shares purchased come from private companies, not publicly traded ones. Which means that it isn’t possible to resell the shares acquired as you would on the stock exchange. The shares will be subject to the agreement between shareholders that governs the shares, for every business.

The specifics

An investor cannot invest more than $1,500 per company, either by credit card or electronic funds transfer.

An investor can invest in as many companies as he/she wants.

If you are a qualified investor according to AMF standards—i.e. a person with an annual income of over $200,000, a family income of over $300,000, financial assets of over $1 million or total net assets of over $5 million—, you can act as a lead investor or sponsor and have no limit on your investment. See Regulation 45-106 on the AMF site for more details.

An injection of new capital in Quebec and the rest of Canada

There is very little business start-up capital in Quebec and the rest of Canada. With Gotroo, companies self-finance via ordinary people and then share the profits with them. Though it represents risks for investors, a great investment is always possible—something that doesn’t happen on other kinds of crowdfunding portals. At best, all you might receive is a product purchased in advance or a gift, and your money can in no way earn a profit when the company grows. in brief was created by an experienced group of Canadian entrepreneurs and investors who want to help companies and investors prosper and stimulate the Canadian economy.

Its main directors are:

Robert Brouillette, lawyer, engineer, patent and trade mark agent, entrepreneur and angel investor

Philippe Brouillette, lawyer, engineer, trade mark agent and entrepreneur

Board member and secretary:
Benoît l’Archevêque, serial entrepreneur

As well as Pierre Gagnon, serial entrepreneur and Anthony Bryant, serial technology entrepreneur.

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