About crowdUNIQUE With BitNews

crowdUNIQUE is an advertising-supported, daily newswire focused on the online promotion of Crowdfunding/Crowdsourced projects, portals and businesses, in addition to regular trade feature, and op-ed editorial. Additionally, cU covers relevant news and information on crowd-driven BitCoin capital currency issues/opportunities.

To learn about crowdUNIQUE promotional programs please contact crowdUNIQUE

Rick Carlton – Managing Editor

crowdUNIQUE is managed by Rick Carlton. Mr. Carlton has worked as a journalist, writer, researcher, editor, publisher and management professional for many years. His bylines have appeared in a host of domestic/international newspaper, magazine and online outlets including Crowdfunding Guide, The Tribune and Picayune Newspapers, The Austin Business Journal, The Highland Lakes Business Journal, National Business Media’s magazine group, Crutchfield Labs Research, The Auto Channel, Finland’s Teknikan Maalma, and Unilever’s The Adrenalist. Prior to focusing his efforts on publishing full-time, he served as a C-Level executive/consultant for a long list of private and public technologies firms, and as a professional instructor for both the Coastline Community and Cerritos College systems.


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