Former Rideshare Driver Now Offering Other Drivers Chance To Earn Up To $20 Per Delivery Through Drinkos!

Drinkos, the on-demand beverage and more delivery company, is offering Uber, lyft and other rideshare drivers the chance to increase their income through a new delivery program

Drinkos announces that it is offering rideshare drivers, including Uber and lyft drivers, up to $20 per delivery under a new program it recently unveiled.

Drinkos ( is an innovative on-demand liquor and more delivery service that launched in Cincinnati, Ohio on September 13, 2014 – a launch that proved so popular the company had to repeatedly shut down its website due to the amount of orders it was receiving.

Several media groups including Reuters, Crain’s, The Chicago Tribune, The New York Times and local Cincinnati TV news stations covered the company’s auspicious beginning.

Now Drinkos founder Ephrem Lijalem, himself a former part-time rideshare driver, has come up with a unique delivery plan that will help his company meet demand while also providing rideshare drivers with extra income.

“Frankly, we believe our service couldn’t be coming along at a better time,” Lijalem said of the program, which will allow rideshare drivers to make deliveries. “Uber and other rideshare companies have been aggressively cutting down fares to the point where rideshare drivers are now averaging only .90 cents per mile in many major cities. Those types of low fares have made it very tough on drivers and many are desperate to make extra cash, which is what our service allows them to do.”

Over 400 rideshare drivers have already signed up with Drinkos, which is still growing rapidly by word of mouth and hasn’t had to run any advertising campaigns for itself.

Drinkos is also asking for the support of the rideshare community in addition to signing up for the delivery program, Lijalem indicated.

“We are looking to raise capital through crowd-funding,” Lijalem said. “The capital will be used to maximize our infrastructure and add more products to our current offerings so drivers can earn more money per hour and improve delivery times to our customers.”

To sign up for Drinkos, drivers should visit While Drinkos new program is primarily designed for ridesharing drivers, those who drive taxis, limos and pizza delivery vehicles are also welcome to sign up.

Please visit to contribute to the crowd-funding campaign.

“Together, we can make this business a success,” Lijalem said.


Founded in Chicago, Illinois, Drinkos is an on-demand premium beer, wine and more shop that promises customers delivery from the store to their door in less than 60 minutes! The business happily runs essential party errands for its clientele.

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