FinTech Sandbox Celebrates Success Of The Forbes FinTech 50

Seven Members of the Sandbox Community Receive Inaugural Honor from Forbes Magazine

FinTech Sandbox, a nonprofit that helps FinTech startups access data and build great products, today proudly recognizes that seven of its community members were recently named to the prestigious Forbes FinTech 50 list for 2015. The winners include four Sandbox residents who rely on critical financial data to build and back-test their FinTech solutions, and three data providers who have agreed to provide FinTech Sandbox residents with free access to financial data.

Forbes reporters compiled the FinTech 50 List of the most influential financial technology companies of 2015 based on feedback from 300 startups, 150 CEOs and founders, and independent industry experts. The following Forbes FinTech 50 winners are all members of the FinTech Sandbox community:

Quantopian: a crowd-sourced hedge fund that provides the world’s first browser-based algorithmic trading platform.

Kensho: combines big data and machine-learning techniques to analyze how real-world events affect markets.

EquityZen: connects shareholders of private companies with investors seeking alternative investments.

CircleUp: a crowdfunding site that connects creators of new consumer products with investors and potential distribution partners.

Xignite: the leading provider of market data cloud solutions.

Plaid: the API for banking data, provides tools for FinTech startups to link back and credit accounts and process transactions.

Estimize: an open financial estimates platform which facilitates the aggregation of fundamental estimates from independent analysts and consumer sentiment.

FinTech Sandbox facilitates free access to financial data and infrastructure for highly qualified FinTech startups. The Sandbox is an industry-lead organization that doesn’t require equity or fees from residents who are selected into the program. Instead, residents are expected to collaborate with each other in order to share learning and promote advances that benefit the entire FinTech ecosystem. The six-month program includes:

A robust set of data feeds and APIs from a wide array of data partners

Cloud hosting from industry-leading infrastructure partners

Membership in a vibrant, global FinTech community

“We are ecstatic that seven out of the Forbes FinTech 50 award winners are members of the Sandbox community,” said Jean Donnelly, executive director of FinTech Sandbox. “We’re very excited to see both startups and innovative partners who play a key part in the financial data ecosystem honored. Congratulations to all seven well-deserved Sandbox community members who made the Forbes Fintech 50 list.”

About FinTech Sandbox

FinTech Sandbox is a Boston-based nonprofit founded to promote financial technology innovation globally by providing free access to critical data and resources to FinTech entrepreneurs and startups. Sponsors include Fidelity Investments, F-Prime Capital, Thomson Reuters, Silicon Valley Bank, Amazon Web Services, Intel, SIX Financial Information, Goodwin Procter, and .406 Ventures.

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