High-Tech Tinsel Brings Good Tidings

Inventor’s Epiphany Inspires Internet-Connected Christmas Tree Ornament

Legend has it that the tradition of the Christmas tree began in Latvia in the year 1510. Today about 40 million Christmas trees are purchased in the U.S., and double that amount worldwide.

But the humble tree has not changed much in the past 500 years; that is, until now, with the introduction of Jolly, the world’s first smart connected Christmas tree ornament.

Barton Listick, Jolly’s inventor, explains that, “A few months ago while working on a different gadget project, my thoughts drifted to Christmas, and I realized in a flash that a Christmas tree ornament, using today’s tiny technology and an Internet connection, could bring new fun and interactivity to the age-old Christmas tree. I immediately dropped my other project and set out to build that ornament.”

The resulting product is called Jolly, and is currently being crowdfunded on Indiegogo (igg.me/at/jolly).

Jolly automatically brings a variety of holiday-themed entertainment into the home throughout the season, including a Christmas calendar countdown, Santa tracker, Bible verses, personalized animations, and photos of family and friends from photo sites, phones and social networks. All features are easily configured using the Jolly app on an iPhone or Android.

“Imagine receiving holiday greetings from friends and family displayed right on your tree,”
says Listick. “We’ve dubbed that feature ‘tree mail,’ and it’s just one of the crazy but fun possibilities that this new ornament makes possible.”

For more information, please visit getjollynow.com.


Over the past 25 years, Barton and his team at Trylonix Corp. have developed and launched many top-selling and award-winning products for families and children, including JumpStart (the educational game series with many millions of copies sold), Stride Academy (an online adaptive K12 learning system currently serving hundreds of thousands of students), and the My Reward Board children’s motivational program.

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