Ottawa Start-Up Umov Technologies Partners With Colorado Company – To Air On Daily Planet December 08, 2015

Umov Technologies builds on their original Electric Fat Bike by partnering with BikeBoards to redefine winter sports. The Ottawa start-up will also appear on Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet on December 8, and launch a new crowdfunding campaign in early 2016.

Ottawa-based start-up Umov Technologies, which manufactures electric bicycles, has partnered up with BikeBoards, a company from Colorado, to feature and promote the new and emerging sport of Bike Boarding. The product, the BikeBoard, is a patented ski kit for all sizes of bike wheels that turns your bike into a ski bike.

Coupling the Fat Bike, which offers great traction in snow and sand, with a BikeBoard creates the ultimate winter bike riding experience. The Fat Bike is named for its 4” wide tires and comes with a 500-watt motor; it has an 80-kilometre range, an integrated battery, hydraulic disk brakes, 24-speed Shimano gears, and an LCD screen.

Umov’s President Binyamin Shimshoon says, “Pairing an electric Fat Bike with this new, innovative BikeBoard technology is actually forming an entirely new snow sport, and transforming the way we look at winter biking.” The BikeBoard allows a rider to take advantage of deep powder trails, hit local sled hills for an exhilarating downhill riding experience, perform jumps, side-glides, and much more.

On December 8, 2015 at 7:00 PM EST Umov will be featured on the Discovery Channel’s popular show, Daily Planet, which features the latest and coolest scientific developments and technology that impacts our day-today lives.

In January 2016 Umov will engage with Indiegogo, the popular crowdfunding and fundraising platform, to offer an exceptional deal on its new Electric Fat Bike. Those interested can visit to sign up for the campaign launch notification and save $1000 on a new electric Fat Bike.

About Umov Technologies

Umov Technologies is based in Ottawa, Ontario, and manufactures cutting-edge, environmentally-friendly electric bicycles that combine style with efficiency.

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