#GetDavid2TFS | The Inspiring Story Of One Man’s Crowdfunding Campaign To Study Film Production At Toronto Film School

David Rawlings, a teacher in England, posted a crowdfunding video on Hubbub to support his dream of studying Film Production at Toronto Film School (TFS). TFS pledged to match the funds Rawlings raised, in the form of a tuition bursary.

There was something about David Rawlings that immediately captured the attention of the Toronto Film School (TFS), but little did we know just how moving this student’s story would turn out to be.

TFS students are known for their unwavering passion. That is why when the school came across 34-year-old Rawlings’s impassioned video and crowdfunding campaign from across the ocean, the decision was made to help Rawlings, who currently teaches in England, live his dream. The Toronto Film School pledged to match the funds Rawlings raised, in the form of a tuition bursary.

“It wasn’t until we decided to make a video about Rawlings to share with our students that we learned his full story of love and loss, and the dream of becoming a filmmaker that never wavered,” said Andrew Subryan, Director of Admissions at TFS. We encourage you to watch Rawlings’s story here: youtube.com/watch?v=Y1hfdF77Mnw and follow his crowdfunding campaign at #GetDavid2TFS.

David’s crowd funding campaign ends on December 17, 2015. He is halfway to his target and is expected to start classes in January 2016. Pledge to help this passionate Film Maker on Hubbub. hubbub.net/p/rawkyroo

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