World’s First Connected Emergency Evacuation Mask

Thousands of fires are reported each year and 74% of deaths are caused by ambient smoke including burns. This is why Canadian-based Emurgenz Innovation Inc. has designed PEBA (Personal Emergency Breathing Aid), the world’s first emergency escape mask allowing its user to automatically contact emergency services, such as 911 in North America, while protecting the respiratory tract and the eyes, in addition to being equipped with lights.

Robert Beaulieu, President of Emurgenz Innovation Inc., says : “I designed this tool to save lives, period. I have often witnessed horror stories when my father was a firefighter with the City of Montreal. Since the first meetings of the project initiation, I dream to present it to the citizens and to the Minister of Public Security. I offer a tool that is simple, effective, at the cutting edge of technology and very safe.”

The mask contains an automatic connection to emergency services wherever in the world the service is accessible. Moreover, PEBA is the first emergency escape mask with powerful LED lights positioned in front, to enlighten the user, allowing to go out quickly and more safely during a fire evacuation. Compact, you can put it on in less than 5 seconds, which makes it easy to use for children 10 years and older, the elderly and the disabled.

“On August 24, 2001, circumstances showed that I have saved the lives of many people. Today, I join PEBA because I think this product could also help save the lives of our loved ones,” says Captain Robert Piche, Spokesperson for PEBA.

People can purchase their PEBA by visiting the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform, starting on October 22, 2015 at the following address:

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