NextGen Crowdfunding Conference: The New Era Where All Investors Can Fund Innovative Companies

At the NextGen Crowdfunding Conference, to be held on November 19 at Loew’s Santa Monica Beach Hotel, the focus will be on game-changing ways in which everyday investors can now fund startups and emerging businesses.

Top industry leaders will discuss new forms of crowdfunding along with the potential impacts on entry-level investors, startups, venture capitalists, Silicon Valley, and Los Angeles.

“We created this inaugural event to help entrepreneurs and investors better understand the new crowdfunding rules that became effective on June 19, 2015. I know how founders and new investors both want to be on the cutting edge of new opportunities. I believe that equity crowdfunding will have many transformative impacts from helping startups and investors to spark a new economy,” said Aubrey Chernick, entrepreneur and founder of NextGen Crowdfunding.

The conference will be co-sponsored by the Crowdfunding Professional Association (CfPA), the leading association for the crowdfunding industry.

The NextGen Crowdfunding Conference features:

Keynote Presentation – Futurist Rob Tercek, author, TEDx speaker

Is Equity Crowdfunding Appropriate for Startups?

The Current and Future Directions of equity crowdfunding (Reg A, Title III)

Will Crowdfunding be a Seismic Event for California?

Will Silicon Valley VCs Become Less Relevant?

Is Los Angeles Becoming the Nexus for Equity Crowdfunding?

How Crowdfunding Can Benefit all Investors and Spark a New Economy

Equity Crowdfunding Marketing Bootcamp

NextGen Spark: Crowdfunding Showcase

Crowdfunding Pitch Competition

“Recent regulations from the Securities and Exchange Commission offer emerging business new ways to raise money via equity crowdfunding. I have been a securities attorney for more than 35 years and there has never been a more exciting time for small businesses that want to raise capital,” said Samuel Guzik, Founder Guzik & Associates, President, Crowdfunding Professional Association.

Featured speakers at the NextGen Equity Crowdfunding Conference include:

Robert Tercek, Industry Consultant and Visionary for Digital Media , Author, TEDx Speaker Samuel S. Guzik, President, Crowdfunding Professional Association, Leading Crowdfunding Securities Attorney

Richard Swart, One of the top thought leaders in crowdfunding and alternative finance

Georgia P. Quinn, Co-founder and CEO of iDisclose, Crowdfunding Securities attorney

Ron Miller, CEO of StartEngine

Ryan Feit, CEO of SeedInvest

Rick Smith, Managing Director of Crosscut Ventures

Doug Ellenoff, Partner, Ellenoff Grossman & Schole LLP

Registration for the full-day conference, 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM is $99.00.
Learn more about the conference here.
Sign up by going to:

About NextGen Crowdfunding:

NextGen Crowdfunding is the go-to place for the new era of crowdfunding. It’s the place to learn about both current crowdfunding activities and about new crowdfunding directions. As a purpose driven company, NextGen Crowdfunding believes that many everyday investors want to support emerging businesses that are chasing the American Dream. It’s a way for everyone to invest in the future and to spark a new economy.

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