NECKSTAR FER Offers Much-needed Protection For Back Of The Neck, Can Prevent Unchecked Spread Of Bacteria And Viruses

Personal protective equipment is a big market, but until now, there hasn’t been a practical solution for keeping the sensitive, exposed skin of the neck free from potentially disease-causing pathogens. Entrepreneur Jean Robert has solved that problem with NECKSTAR FER, a comfortable and simple way to stop involuntary contact with dirty surfaces that can lead to infection. Robert has launched a GoFundMe campaign to enlist the community’s support in bringing this novel invention to market.

The crowdfunding campaign’s goal is to raise $40,000, which will first go toward product development and prototyping. The company will then launch a website as the first prong of a concerted advertising and marketing strategy. Finally, the funds will enable full-scale manufacturing of NECKSTAR FER and associated logistics, including storing, shipping and packaging.

NECKSTAR FER is composed of a sweat-absorbing material that conforms to the wearer’s neck. A pair of thin, flexible straps hold the product in place without getting in the way. The back of the product also features a small ridge that makes it fit well even on people with longer hair. NECKSTAR FER is designed for both men and women.

NECKSTAR FER has a multitude of applications and use cases, including, but not limited to:


College Dorms

Post-surgical Skin Protection

Sensitive Skin

New Tattoo Protection

The prevalence of bacteria and viruses in places where people congregate has been well documented. According to Men’s Health magazine, staph bacteria can survive on many surfaces for up to three days, and even sterilization with cleaning products did not kill all microbes. The common cold virus is also disturbingly common on most gym equipment, especially weight benches. Between one-half and three-quarters of the machines at gyms are contaminated. Twice-daily cleaning doesn’t seem to affect those numbers, making personal protection measures all the more important.

Workplaces, too, are frequently breeding grounds for dangerous pathogens. Every square inch of the average office desk is home to many times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Coffee stations, door handles, light switches and water fountains are other highly contaminated areas, according to researched cited in the Wall Street Journal.

As cold and flu season approaches, people should be proactive and aware of the microscopic dangers lurking around them. NECKSTAR FER can effectively guard the exposed skin of the neck, even in the most unclean environments. Robert suggests that gym members especially consider adding the product to their assortment of protective equipment. Preventing an infection, after all, is far better than dealing with the consequences of illness, lost time at work and trips to the doctor’s office – where even more germs lie in wait.


The company behind NECKSTAR FER is based in South Florida. The patent-pending product was developed in 2015.

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