Daymak Chameleon Ebike Buzz Blows Up As It Nears Release

Buzz is picking up as the release for the Daymak Chameleon ebike is coming closer to launch. The chameleon stands itself out from all other electric scooters of its kind with its Daymak Drive 4 controller. The Daymak Drive 4 controller is the proprietary hardware that allows the inner working of your scooter to be controlled simply by using a phone app or PC. The Daymak Chameleon was launched on an Indiegogo campaign on September 15th and since then it has picked up a lot of steam. Early adopters can be expected to receive savings of up to 70%, with the limited time offer of the standard model at $599 USD plus shipping and handling. An optional lithium ion upgrade is also available.

Get yours here:

Daymak Drive 4 Controller – Customize your ebike to fit your needs

With the Daymak Drive 4 Controller you can connect the Chameleon ebike to your smartphone with the “My Ebike” app or to your PC, to customize the power functions, speed, and more. Options available are:

Custom LEDs – Change the color of the LED lights on your scooter to illuminate the night in the style that fits you best.

Eco mode – Decrease the direct power output to the engine, which will increase the range of your scooter.

Speed – You can also change maximum speed and acceleration so that you can abide by the municipal laws wherever you are located.

Off road mode – Increase the level of incline that the Chameleon scooter can go; perfect for going up mountains!

If you do not own a smart phone and or you are not available to connect your scooter to a PC, when you order the Daymak Chameleon, you can give them your preferences and have the scooter customized prior to delivery. Currently the phone app is available for iOS (iPhone) and Android phones.

The Chameleon is the efficient, eco-friendly and economic solution

By choosing an electric scooter you are getting multiple benefits over their gas counterparts. You are making less of an ecological footprint as there are no gas or carbon emissions produced by the chameleon. Simply plug it into a regular outlet and you are good to go. Approximate cost of charging the scooter is 0.05 cents a mile. North America laws allow electric scooters to be on the road without insurance, registration, or licensing, so you simply need to wear a helmet, and you’re good to go. With the Daymak Drive controller, you can change the settings on the fly unlike any other ebike to date. This allows you to set the scooter to traverse any situation wherever you may be. Increase the torque as you climb a hill, if you’re running low on power set it to eco-mode and make sure you get home safely.

So hurry up and get your Daymak Chameleon today and save over 70% off the MSRP.

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