NYC’s Gregorio Uribe Big Band Release Cumbia Universal Album Out Oct. 2

Launch Event to Follow at Lincoln Center’s Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola Oct. 14

“Uribe shows his poetic lyricism and intelligent composing. He offers a fresh view of classic Latin rhythms.” (

The Musebox [recently] announced that NYC’s captivating Gregorio Uribe Big Band have released their highly anticipated album Cumbia Universal. Credited by The Boston Globe with creating “an intoxicating variety” of music, Uribe and his Latin ensemble will celebrate the release of the album with a launch at Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola at Lincoln Center on October 14. The Colombia-born Uribe leads the high energy 16-piece band that blends Colombian rhythms cumbia and chande with funk and powerful jazz technique. Uribe has performed with Grammy winners Carlos Vives and Arturo O’Farrill and has been interviewed by CNN, Univision, El Tiempo, and The Miami Herald. Cumbia Universal will be released by prestigious Latin jazz label Zoho Music, which has released albums by Grammy-winning artists Ray Barreto and Bobby Sanabria. More information on GUBB is available on their official website.

The charismatic Uribe and his band have been mainstays at Manhattan’s Zinc Bar, where they perform on the first Friday of each month. GUBB’s live performance consists of a remarkable combination of trumpets, trombones, and clarinets soaring over an amazing percussion section and the leader of the band dancing to the beat while rocking out on his accordion. GUBB revitalizes the sounds of the Colombian cumbia big bands of the 60’s by adding to Uribe’s original, more modern songs.

In 2013, Uribe raised over $23,000 on to record his first big band album. The album features a collaboration with seven-time Grammy winner and recent addition to AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead, Ruben Blades. Cumbia Universal (producers Juan Pablo Mantilla and Kabir Sehgal) will be released on October 2, 2015. The record includes “Caribe Contigo,” a single previously featured on MTV in the U.S. and U.K. Uribe’s cover song of The Beatles “Come Together,” meanwhile, best represents the globally inclusive nature of Cumbia Universal, as it includes guests from Senegal, Israel, and Portugal.

Uribe has taken his music to The Kennedy Center (Washington, D.C.), Blue Note Jazz Club (NYC), the United Nations, and the Colombian Embassy to The Netherlands. In 2012, Uribe was named by Colombia’s government one of the 100 Most Outstanding Colombians Living Abroad. The list included Shakira, Nobel Prize winner Garcia Marquez, and actress Sofia Vergara.

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