The Orion Mobile Luggage Billboard Kicks Off Crowdfunding On INDIEGOGO

1st Million subscribers receive a lifetime membership of the Orion Enterprise for free

Orion Travel Tech has just kicked off its crowdfunding fundraising campaign with Crowdfunding giant INDIEGOGO! Orion Travel Tech is the first Travel Company that gives back to its customers by offering to pay their round trip of baggage fees and gives them a two piece four wheel trolley luggage for free while traveling on any Commercial Airline. The Patent Pending Mobile Luggage Billboard is self-funded by Advertisers and Sponsors.

Orion will be rolling out its international travel enterprise and growing it ecosystem worldwide by becoming the first one- stop all-inclusive travel company. “By growing the membership base with the Orion Mobile Billboard allows us to showcase our products and services to millions of our customers”. Said Gary German, President of Orion Travel Tech.

Currently Orion Travel Technologies is in 10 countries and will be in a total of 40 countries by the beginning of 2016. Orion’s Ecosystem will include the following and rolling out most programs by December 2015 and throughout 2016.

Orion’s Travel Enterprise will include:

A truly usable Mobile Wallet

A Travel Portal just for Travelers

A online Booking company that customers can talk to real, knowledgeable, and bright travel agents for a one-on-one experience

A in-country on-call travel guide that drives you, takes care of you, takes you to the best places where you are traveling

A mobile app program just for travelers consisting of 20 real travel apps

Orion’s very own Airport Lounge-with children’s playground, restaurants, gift shop, cinema, bar, 300 mbs WIFI

Commercial and Private Airline charter service traveling to the Orion Bucket list of destinations

Orion’s Family Exchange program that is never over $49. Stay, eat, learn, smile, and make life-long friends all over the world while staying with families with the same interests as you and your family.

Orion’s Vacation Rental Home Experience—stay in 5-6 bedroom homes with pools for under $99 a night. All-inclusive packages for families on a tight budget. All homes come with refrigerator loaded with food and drink!

“We are very excited with announcing our crowdfunding event with INDIEGOGO!” said German.

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