Thought Provoking Children’s Book To Be Created By A Duck And A Bear

Ohio Artist Draws Attention to His Children’s Book Kingfisher and Wren: A Book of Verses.

Just off the shores of Lake Erie in the charming little city of Port Clinton, Ohio (“The Walleye Capital of the World”), resides artist and writer Nathan Janes with a phenomenal project so special he has kept it a mystery until now. Janes is announcing his crowdfunding effort to self-publish his book. “I choose to use my skill as a means to speak exclusively to my readers,” says Janes. “This is my life, my passion, and my dream. What I have created and am presenting to you now is a result of my dedication, persistence, and perseverance towards producing a book like no other.”

The book, Kingfisher and Wren, will be a collection of over 50 illustrated verses. The project brings to life The Spectacled Eider, who serves as the author of the book. He is a writer, philosopher, and advocate for continuous learning. The Spectacled Eider figure will appear in the form of an animatronic puppet. He will travel with his trusty, life-sized polar bear companion, a costumed character mascot. The animation and the interaction between the child and the “author” will be something people have never seen before. The Spectacled Eider will encourage the children to ask questions, advocating philosophical enquiry and promoting logical reasoning. Additionally, The Spectacled Eider will offer lessons on virtues, values, and morals involving youngsters. The Spectacled Eider’s verses will stimulate creative thinking and noble ideas. The aim of this book is to provide children with literature of value that relates to the world in which they live, as well as to provide metaphors for their lives. His goal is to engage readers in five important thinking skills: information processing, reasoning, inquiry, creative thinking, and evaluation. These can be used to stimulate philosophical inquiry and engage children in thoughtful discussions.

The verses can be enjoyed on a poetic level, but as their thoughts develop, children will discover deeper layers of the stories. As children mature into adulthood they can turn to these verses again and again for fresh insight about the basic beliefs and truths, what is right or wrong, and human relations and the self. The verses are relevant to people of all ages and at all stages of life.

When pre-ordering the book you will also receive The Spectacled Eider’s “Conservation Call to Action” duck call made exclusively by World Champion Duck Caller, Buck Gardner of Buck Gardner Calls. Children will be thrilled to sound the call to motivate an interest in waterfowl and an awareness of habitat protection.

The public can fund this project by pre-ordering a copy of the book by visiting today. Public support will turn this incredible idea into a reality! Please participate in this great remarkable journey by helping to spread the message. Be a conduit, if you will, for sharing something truly inspirational and unique for our youth. Encourage your family, friends, co-workers and others to consider supporting this valuable children’s book.

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