Urban Owl Sunglasses Set New Standards For High End Handcrafted Sunglasses In 2015

After extensive research and over 400 consumer tests under the Mediterranean sun, Urban Owl has announced that it is to fit its handcrafted sunglasses with innovative high definition blue light control sun lenses.

Hand crafted exclusively in Greece the incorporation of these innovative HD lenses demonstrates Urban Owl’s commitment to using the best quality raw materials. The company is a new Greek startup aiming to prove itself in spite of the adverse economic climate by demonstrating that ambition and productivity are still very much alive in Greece.

The uniquely developed lenses contain rare earth elements that have the ability to selectively filter sunlight. This results in the enhancement of main colors such as red, green, yellow and blue; which create a strong contrast that results in superior focus. Blue Light Control filter neutralizes blue light preventing eye strain and fatigue. These innovative lenses protect the wearer from all blue light sources like the sun, monitors, tablets and smartphones. They are impact resistant and 100% UV protective.

Urban Owl founder Dimitris Diamantis has a clear vision for the brand: “We seek for supporters and enthusiasts of European quality products, providing them with a high end product in a very affordable price without middlemen.”

Inspired by Thom Feeney’s crowdfunding campaign to bail out Greece, Dimitris Diamantis launched Urban Owl on the crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo, in July this year. The campaign has received constant funding and excellent feedback from the start and will remain live till 12th September 2015.

Urban Owl’s European handcrafted high definition sunglasses retail at 85€.


“I want to prove that young Greeks can still hope and go after their dreams”
says Dimitris Diamantis, the founder of Urban Owl and continues “I have heard people accusing Greeks that are lazy, work little and generally that they deserve what they get. This is not Greece. I want to present another side of Greek people.”

Follow the #sunglassesforGreece for the whole story.

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