AquaCabana: World’s Best Shade Product Announces Kickstarter Launch, All Day Outdoor Fun Minus The Sunburn

What’s the harm in sunburn? A person’s risk for melanoma — the most serious form of skin cancer — doubles with five or more sunburns. In a recent survey, The Skin Cancer Foundation learned that 42 percent of people polled are sunburned at least once a year.

Triton Design, LLC has just released “The AquaCabana,” the world’s only portable, kid friendly, floating shade cabana for the pool, beach, lake, or river. The very high SPF rated AquaCabana ensures everyone can enjoy a day outdoors without the worry of overexposure to the sun. The patented AquaCabana design provides over 50 square feet of continuous all day shade while the hollow heavy duty inflatable base allows for several bathers to float around in comfort and style. The AquaCabana has drink holders and storage pockets and it can be used in all sorts of creative ways, one of which is the awesome new water game — AquaCabanaBall!

By launching August 19th on Kickstarter, AquaCabana plans to showcase how its unique design enables water lovers of all ages the opportunity to enjoy a day outdoors without the exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. Visit for more information and enter to win an AquaCabana.

Kickstarter is a fantastic way to gain exposure to new clients and realize sustainable growth. You can even order your own AquaCabana with company logo or for family and friends directly from Kickstarter. The AquaCabana makes the perfect gift or promotional tool! The first few hundred backers will be rewarded with discounted prices! At only 16 pounds, The AquaCabana can fit in a carry-on bag and inflates/assembles in minutes, perfect to carry to the beach or take on your next exotic vacation!

“We’re really excited to be launching our campaign,” says Founder and CEO Brett Koehler. “The AquaCabana is such a functional and versatile shade product. You can throw it off your boat in Lake Havasu, take it to the beach in Barbados, have the dog chill under it in the yard, or use it to promote your company or product at the next corporate event! Most importantly, it is so inspirational to meet and hear from so many people that believe the AquaCabana will improve their outdoor experience.”

“I would love to go swimming with my boys but I sit in the shade due to my stage 4 metastatic melanoma,” (Email from Sherrie G)

“The AquaCabana is perfect to introduce my baby to the pool and the beach, while protecting him from the Sun!” (Pete K)

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