New York City Becomes A Gated Community For The Rich In Bleed 2039, A New Graphic Novel Created By Alan James Edwards

New York City becomes a well-guarded gated community for the rich in AHR Vision’s Bleed 2039, a new neo-noir sci-fi graphic novel that has launched on Kickstarter.

The 100 page graphic novel takes place in the not so distant future in Amsterdam, a small town in upstate NY. After the second great American depression of 2029 the few wealthy that remain build walls around cities and common people cannot enter without a pass called an “Exeat.”

Alan James Edwards, writer and creator of the Bleed series states, “By next year the top 1% of the world’s population will own more wealth than the other 99% combined. What happens if this trend continues? In Bleed we explore one very plausible scenario, where after a great depression with no bail outs the wealthy build walls around certain areas, like Manhattan, and pull the ladder up.”

Entering the overclass cities being impossible, commoners left outside are faced with a new world devoid of high technology, but rich in spirit and imagination.

A cigarette prohibition adds fuel to a new gangster era in the “Burgs,” where people dance to Neo-Jazz or “Nazz” bands in illegal “Haze bars” and develop their own fashion and way of life.

Abdul Rashid, Artist and CEO of AHR visions continues, “With Bleed we have created a world which is reminiscent of the movies that depicted the first depression/prohibition era in America, but far more fast paced and multi cultural. The story has twists and turns, starting out as a straight forward murder mystery, but evolving into something so much more.”

Beautifully illustrated, Bleed 2039 volume one contains 4 comic books. Issue #1 is complete and premiered at NY Comic Con in October 2014. The Kickstarter campaign has launched to raise money to produce and print the 3 remaining issues, completing volume one of the series.

Learn more about Bleed 2039 on Kickstarter at

About AHR Visions

AHRV is a trans-media studio specializing in intellectual properties in the super-hero/sci-fi/horror/action genres. AHRV is dedicated to premiere high quality stories for the lovers of action, sci-fi and horror, with projects that touch on the supernatural to cyber-crime, the world to gangster feuds and superheroes finding their way in a confusing world. AHRV strives to provide the fun that is sought for in the world of comics and while featuring a diverse array of colorful characters.

Alan James Edwards – Writer / Creator / Producer

Alan James Edwards has wide-ranging experience in both traditional and digital media as an award winning filmmaker, comedian, writer, producer, creative director and digital media technology entrepreneur. Influenced by the action movie genre of today and the noir literature of the 1920’s, and 30’s, Alan has developed a new action noir franchise for the 21st century.

Abdul Rashid – Artist / CEO / Founder AHR Visions

A native of Flint, MI, Abdul Rashid is a graphic illustrator, creator, and developer of intellectual properties that focus in the genres of sci-fi, action-adventure and horror and who’s work is featured in the MARVEL comics distributed NEW-GEN series. Mr. Rashid is striving to develop stories and concepts that contribute to a wider and broader expansion of the imaginative universe in the industry, with more diverse “iconic-level” characters that represent the multi-cultural society.

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