MoJoe Brewing Co. Made This Duh! Moment A Reality

MoJoe Brewing Company debuted mojoe™, the first personal mobile coffee maker, in early 2014. mojoe™ is a travel-sized mobile brewer that brews coffee and tea on-the-go and, when finished brewing, conveniently converts into a mug to enjoy your beverage directly from the device. Simply add any temperature water, your own coffee grounds or loose tea, push a button, and within minutes you have fresh brewed coffee or tea anywhere.

How does mojoe™ work? After many design trials and crude prototyping, MoJoe Brewing Co. developed a brewing system that borrows concepts from vacuum coffee brewing, where the mojoe™ literally uses the energy of the system itself to power the brew.

mojoe™ plans to ship its first brewers in August 2015 and relaunch availability in September through Kickstarter. In addition, mojoe™ is launching a giveaway ( to receive one of the very first mugs off the production line. To gain entry just enter your email and share the MoJoe Brewing Co. website.

If you’re a coffee lover, retailer, or distributor interested in learning more about mojoe™, check out the website at You can also find MoJoe Brewing Co. and more updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Stay tuned for some exciting updates in the coming weeks!


MoJoe Brewing Company is a Maryland based tech company providing innovative mobile coffee technology to coffee lovers. MoJoe Brewing Company strives to make coffee brewing mobile, and easy, allowing coffee lovers to brew coffee when and where they want.

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