Fonesalesman Presents Wireless Charging to the LG G4 With G4 SlimPWRpatch

Fonesalesman brings the most convenient charging solution for LG G4 with Pre-orders …

Fonesalesman, leading innovators of wireless charging for consumers, have launched their new product targeting the oversight by LG who has removed built-in wireless charging in their latest G4 flagship. With the G4 SlimPWRpatch, LG G4 users will get an opportunity to experience Wireless Charging on their phone.

Wireless Charging is a smart and convenient way to power your device. This technology enables users to quickly and easily drop their phone to charge, then simply pick it up and go. Reliance on cords and wire-mess is replaced by effortless experience.

Fonesalesman utilises Qi, an interface standard for Wireless Charging developed by the Wireless Power Consortium. It is supported by countless phone manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Asus, Sony, and others. Fonesalesman also provides a number of accessories to enable Wireless Charging on devices that do not have the technology built-in.

The thin and light G4 SlimPWRpatch can be installed on the LG G4 back cover, including the popular leather models, to unleash the full potential of LG G4 by enabling the phone with Wireless Charging functionality.

LG provides an option of purchasing a separate Wireless Charging Circle Case, but with Fonesalesman’s solution, customers will not have to choose between using their favourite cover and having essential charging functionality.

With Wireless Charging installed on their phone, customers will be able to charge LG G4 effortlessly at all the participating retailers, including McDonald’s, International Airports, Marriott Hotels, and many others. Fonesalesman provides a compelling personal experience with their beautiful and powerful Wireless Chargers, available to purchase online.

Thanks to the G4 SlimPWRpatch, you can now team up your LG G4 with Fonesalesman’s QiStone+, The Completely Wireless Mobile Battery, and Nature-Infused charger WoodPuck: Bamboo Edition.

WoodPuck: Bamboo Edition charging pad presents the perfect marriage between nature, technology, practicality and beauty. WoodPuck is hand-finished using Mao Zhu Bamboo, which exceeds the qualities of wood. Crafted with all details considered, the WoodPuck blends in any environment, keeping phones charged. In addition to the classic colour, Fonesalesman also launches 3 additional bold new expressions of WoodPuck (coming soon).

Bavan Palasanthiran, the Founder of Fonesalesman, comments, “We were disappointed to find out the LG G4 moved backwards by excluding built-in Wireless Charging in the LG G4 which existed in the G3. We knew this would be a blow to LG users. Therefore, we took it upon ourselves to bring a solution to market.”

The G4 SlimPWRpatch will be released worldwide on 30th June, with Pre-orders… available at and Amazon.

About Fonesalesman

Fonesalesman is determined to make the world without wires a reality for its customers. They are responsible for the Nature-Infused WoodPuck: Bamboo Edition and the First Completely Wireless Mobile Battery QiStone+, both of which have received great praise from consumers and critics alike. They launched an incredibly successful Indiegogo campaign which introduced iPhone users to Wireless Charging for the first time with iQi Mobile, surpassing the initial campaign goal by more than 500%.


Pre-order G4 SlimPWRpatch:

Fonesalesman Website: fr/gp/product/B00Y2P8QHI

Main Website:

WoodPuck: Bamboo Edition:

QiStone+ Completely Wireless Mobile Battery:

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