Doppler Labs Introduces The Here Active Listening System

Wireless Earbuds and Smartphone App Allow You To Control the Way You Hear the World and Transform Any Live Listening Experience

Kickstarter Campaign Gives Supporters Early Access and Special Rewards

Doppler Labs today unveiled the Here Active Listening System™, the first in-ear system designed to let you instantly control and personalize your live audio environment. Here consists of two wireless, in-ear buds and a connected smartphone app that give you control of any live listening experience. Use a volume slider, equalizer and effects to adjust real world sound for everyday scenarios like concerts, sporting events, air travel, open office environments or noisy commutes and create the perfect audio environment – for you – no matter the situation.

Doppler Labs also announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign (, which runs through the beginning of July. This campaign allows consumers to purchase the Here system before it is available on the commercial market, be a part of developing the Here audio platform and have access to other exclusive Kickstarter rewards.

“With the Here Active Listening System we want to give you the tools to have the perfect listening experience,” said Noah Kraft, CEO and Co-Founder of Doppler Labs. “We all perceive sound differently, but everyone has been to a concert where the audio wasn’t quite right or has been subjected to a long flight with a screaming baby. Here changes all that, giving control back to the listener by allowing you to curate what you hear and how you hear it. Our goal is to make it so you never have to deal with noise or a bad mix ever again.”

Here’s features include:

Real World Volume Control: Turn up, turn down or reduce your surroundings to get the volume of your world exactly where you want it.

Equalizer: Use five EQ sliders to adjust how you hear the bass, mids or treble of live music (or the real world).

Sound Effects: Add reverb, flange, vintage vinyl crackle, echo and more to concerts or even your friend’s voice.

Pre-Set Filters: Transform various daily life scenarios with Here’s specialized pre-set algorithms (e.g. reduce the baby crying on a plane, suppress the subway screech, or boost the bass at a live show).

Groundbreaking Technology and Simple Design

The technology behind the Here system is fundamentally different from anything that has come before it. A series of signal processing algorithms target specific frequency ranges to modify sound as it enters your ears. Here captures the incoming sound waves, processes the audio in real-time and plays it back without any perceivable latency (e.g. in less than 30 microseconds, which is 1/10,000th the time it takes to blink your eye).

Doppler Labs’ design team architected the product with a form factor that is just as impressive as its technology. The size and shape of the Here buds mask the complexity of their many components. The completely wireless system automatically pairs the buds with the Here smartphone app through Bluetooth. The buds have up to six hours of battery life and the included charging case holds up to two full additional charges, providing more than enough power for use at a music festival or a cross-continental flight without the need for a power outlet. Three sizes of custom silicon tips help provide a secure and comfortable fit.

Exclusively Available Through Kickstarter

Doppler Labs unveiled the Here system exclusively on Kickstarter to encourage collaboration with the site’s forward-thinking community. The Kickstarter campaign features several reward tiers for consumers looking to support the development of Here and be the first to use the product. Product-based rewards start at $179, which is $70 off the planned list price. The campaign includes rewards for developers and music producers, including access to beta testing and a partnership with Doppler Labs’ audio engineers to create and name your very own Here audio filter.

The Doppler Labs Team: Not Your Typical Startup

Doppler Labs has assembled a proven team of executives and leaders from the engineering, entertainment and design worlds who draw upon their years of experience at world-class companies including Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Pinterest, Nest, Square and Dropbox. In less than a year, Doppler Labs designed and launched its first product, DUBS Acoustic Filters, and forged partnerships with entertainment powerhouses like Coachella, Bonnaroo, Outside Lands, Tao Group, Soul Cycle and AM Only, and with renowned artists like Hans Zimmer and Quincy Jones. This early momentum set the foundation for the introduction of the Here Active Listening System and with more than two hundred thousand DUBS units sold, Doppler Labs has been able to demonstrate its ability to execute with speed and quality.

“The incredibly talented team at Doppler Labs helped build some of the most recognizable products in the world,” said Fritz Lanman, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Doppler Labs, angel investor (Pinterest, Square, etc.) and Director at ClassPass. “Few startups have the scale of ambition as Doppler Labs, which aims to put a computer, speaker and mic in every ear and to make audio technology more immersive. With this team and vision, Doppler Labs is poised to be at the forefront of wearable tech innovation for decades to come.”

About Doppler Labs

Founded in 2013 by industry leaders in the creative, tech and business worlds, Doppler Labs is on a mission to create wearable technology that makes computing more immersive and human. In the near-term we are focused on “hearables,” wearable technology for the ears. We launched the Here Active Listening System in June 2015 as the first step in sharing our long-term vision with the world.

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