2 Geeks Invent Technology That Thwarts The NSA

$300 Device Renders Patriot Act Obsolete

In the midst of intense political debate, two twenty eight year old engineers have invented a new device that renders the Patriot Act obsolete. Called the COMMUNITY CUBE, this easy to install server device protects web searches, emails, social media activity and other types of online communications from the prying eyes of intelligence agencies, big corporations and criminal hackers.

The lead developer, “Ricky” who prefers to maintain his anonymity, explained the system in a recent press event, “We all know that the internet is not a safe place. Every day our private personal information is snooped on, analyzed and classified by all sorts of organizations. Most of them do not have our best interests at heart. This is not acceptable.”

The initiative was born in a humble co-working space in Central Europe a couple of years ago and is now ready to go to market. The COMMUNITY CUBE is a unique combination of hardware and software perfectly integrated to make it effective yet easy to use. According to Ricky, “You don’t need to be a geek to be protected by the CUBE.”

The COMMUNITY CUBE uses five distinct security levels to thwart any surveillance measures used by the NSA or other entities. These include decentralization of data, no authentication protocols, multiple levels of advanced data encryption, anonymization and active content filtering. Together these measures contribute to creating an invincible block against data profiling and mining.

In declarations, the self-proclaimed nerd announced that, “not a week goes by without news of yet another violation of users’ privacy. Crooks steal our credit card information. The government reads our emails and text messages, and the online behemoths barter with our most personal information. COMMUNITY CUBE gives control back to the individual. We believe that civil liberties and personal freedom are more important than power, profit or pillage. To us they’re all bad guys taking advantage of law abiding citizens.”

People who are interested in supporting the initiative and getting first access to the new technology can do so by joining a recent kickstarter campaign. “We have already integrated the hardware and software and it’s time to start producing and distributing COMMUNITY CUBES. The first units will ship to backers before the end of this year.” The campaign can be found by clicking the following link: kickstarter.com/projects/communitycubes/communitycube-lets-build-a-fair-internet

COMMUNITY CUBE is an open source initiative dedicated to protecting the privacy and security of online citizens around the world. We design, build and distribute technological solutions that protect email, web browsing, data storage and social media activity in a safe, affordable and easy to use manner.

To read today’s crowd-based op-ed, news and information please visit CU, or follow us on Twitter at CU – Twitter.


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