Voxelnauts Moddable Metaverse Launches On Kickstarter

Retro Ronin Inc. announced today that their first game, Voxelnauts, has launched on Kickstarter with nearly twenty five percent pledged to goal in less than four days and over 50 creators and modders on board.

Voxelnauts is a sandbox metaverse optimized for virtual reality. Voxelnauts lets you build, create, explore and be in complete control of your own destiny, including the development of your own planets or universes. World-generation will be made open source for players, developers, and publishers.

Inspired by Minecraft and the book Ready Player One, Retro Ronin is building its first planet “Oasis” in homage to retro-styled 16-bit gaming. Their metaverse is described as thousands of planets, with each planet containing unique rule sets, items, monsters, story, and voxel resolution. Players travel between planets to adventure within vastly different handcrafted worlds, and may enhance the experience with Virtual Reality peripherals like the Oculus Rift.

“We want the next Steven Spielberg or even Spielberg himself to have a playground for his entire imagination,” Jason Archinaco, President of Retro Ronin stated. “And we hope before Mr. Spielberg films Ready Player One, he accepts our open invitation to test out our beautiful world.”

Characters carry their appearance, inventory and abilities between planets, with each planet creator setting the parameters for which abilities, skills and items are useable on their planets.

Although art assets may be created using freeware tools such as MagicaVoxel and Blender, Retro Ronin’s Art Director John Su has also developed in-house tools that the company intends on making freely available to participants.

The game’s graphics engine is based upon raytracing software normally used in quality CGI productions due to its lifelike results. Custom-made by CEO Jon Olick, Voxelnauts is the very first commercial gaming solution for real-time raytracing, reproducing environments at a realistic level of lighting accuracy and detail.

Retro Ronin comprises of developers, bringing together experience from projects such as Starbound, Firefall, Guitar Hero, and Oculus VR.

Voxelnauts will deliver on all 3 major OSs: Windows, Mac, and Linux with plans to support consoles such as Xbox One and Playstation 4.

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