5 Days to Meet ARGUS – The World’s First Contactless Emotions Scanner

Meet ARGUS, The World’s First Contactless Facial Reader & Hidden Emotions Scanner. Scan & Read People. Explore a New Generation of PLAY & ART Concepts!

Imagine being able to probe and truly affect your inner feelings – and those of others. Being able to read faces and enjoy genuine invisible emotions and senses. Analyze and read people to anticipate their thoughts and actions like never before. Use just your deepest emotions and feelings to create unique abstract paintings and video, or, play a completely new generation of responsive games. Get inside a first-person-shooter as it creates action, dialog, and outcomes based on your innermost feelings.

Imagine having a device that can help you do all that and a great deal more – thanks to its ability to “see the invisible”, to detect and read naturally occurring facial and head micro-fluctuations so subtle they cannot be seen by the naked eye.

ARGUS is designed to bring a whole new world to your fingertips. While representing a significant advance in the science of human emotion analysis and stress estimation and management, it also serves as an example of the state of technology today: if something can be imagined, it can be created, and be found to have a far greater range of potential uses than anyone could have dreamt of.

The micro-oscillation analysis solution consists of Argus bio-scanners and respective software bundles. Argus digitizes and amplifies raw analog signals, a byproduct of all micro-oscillations. It then delivers this information to our optimized biometric algorithms for spectral analysis and processing. Through this process it ultimately delivers accurate estimates of hidden emotions; the advanced software can even perform these functions via Skype independently. Argus can be used for comparative analysis, learning, and educational purposes, or for fun through Argus ART & PLAY. ART has passed beta testing with flying colours and PLAY won’t keep you waiting either, as an in-house Responsive-RPG “The Eye: Genesis”, is underway. Find more on ArguScan.com.

“ARGUS is the world’s first contactless automated facial reader. The Argus bio-scanners deliver a feast of potential innovation to individuals, inventors and visionaries of all sorts. In bringing the invisible into the light, it is destined to enable many to work and play harder,” the developers say.

Argus can impact an amazing variety of industries, from personal security to public defense, hands-free control systems, adaptive smart environments, accessibility design, market research, psychology, medicine, robotics, and transport. The list goes on – to, and probably beyond, the like of NASA’s ongoing studies which see how people will interact and function on month long journeys to Mars.

Available in four models, from a hand-held mobile version through to a state-of-the-art, PC interfacing, juggernaut for professionals, the Argus scanner is opening up new doors to anyone who’s wished they had a creative tool that could match their imagination – a tool advanced enough to let them perceive new possibilities and bring them to fruition.

ARGUS is launching on KickStarter.com in just 5 days and the creators need your help and support. Subscribe on ArguScan.com to be kept in the loop.

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