‘brellaBox: First Umbrella Share Company Launches Kickstarter To Make Yellow Taxis, Green Umbrellas Program A Reality In NYC

The first and only umbrella share company has launched a Kickstarter to raise funds for a NYC-wide umbrella sharing program dubbed “Yellow Taxis, Green Umbrellas.” NeueHouse, an influential club for artists and entrepreneurs, in Flatiron, NYC will be home to the first NYC-based ‘brellaBox this fall.

After running a successful pilot program with their first generation, two-way vending machine at WeWork Charging Bull in downtown NYC, ‘brellaBox designed a second generation machine (patent pending) that is more compact and seamless in the way it dispenses umbrellas. ‘brellaBox also plans to design a Smart Phone App to be used in conjunction with its next generation machine for more widespread use of umbrella sharing as a service.

NYC-based entrepreneurs John O’Connor and Anusha Kambhampaty created ‘brellaBox to make it easier, cheaper and more environmentally friendly for city dwellers the world over to stay dry. “Kickstarter will help us launch ‘brellaBox in NYC and bring umbrella sharing programs to cities where demand has been high, such as Milan, Chicago, Singapore, Dublin, Vancouver, and more,” CEO John O’Connor said.


‘brellaBoxes can be placed in cities, office building lobbies, college campuses, hotels, and more. ‘brellaBox “smart umbrellas” are tagged and tracked using RFID technology, and users are charged a small fee to rent a high quality umbrella. Customers use a credit card to rent an umbrella and email reminders tell customers when their umbrella is due back.


‘brellaBoxes plans to roll out hundreds of machines filled with green umbrellas, to participating businesses across the city. Participating businesses will receive ‘brellaBox, umbrellas, and a sticker to place in their window which signifies their participation in the program. As our user base grows, we hope our distinctive green umbrellas will change the aesthetic of NYC on rainy days, making New York known for both yellow taxis and green umbrellas.

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