An Open Style Lab x Betabrand Product, Rayn Jacket, Goes On Sale

Announcing the crowdfunding launch of The Rayn Jacket — originally inspired by wheelchair users but designed for all — on [begnning] Monday May 18th.

Ever had to sit in the rain, while your lap got soaked?

Open Style Lab has a solution for that. The Rayn Jacket is an waterproof coat featuring a deployable flap that covers the lap. Starting on the evening of Monday May 18th, Rayn Jacket will be available for purchase on Betabrand’s crowdsourced design platform, Think Tank, where the first 10 people to buy can purchase it for 30% off. The next 15 get 20% off. The next 50 people get 15% off, and the late-comers after that (heck, we love them too!) receive 10% off. People who have voted at this link get first dibs. Good news is, there’s still time to vote this weekend.

In Summer 2014, Ryan DeRoche came to Open Style Lab (OSL) with a design challenge: As a wheelchair user, he couldn’t find a rain jacket that would protect his lap in the rain and fit his style. OSL’s designers, occupational therapists and engineers worked with Ryan to come up with the somewhat eponymous solution: The Rayn Jacket.

A competitive biker before his injury, Ryan described himself as a “hoodie” type of guy. Open Style Lab made a jacket that looks like a hoodie with one difference:­ The hoodie pouch doubles as a lap cover that’s easily deployed in the rain through a simple two-step folding mechanism.

Breathable fabric and a back vent allow for better temperature regulation. Raglan sleeves and stretch fabric mean freedom of movement. Zipper loops and magnets provide easy manipulation. Linings and elastic cuffs are eliminated to decrease hassle during dressing.

The best part? It’s inspired by wheelchair users, but made for everyone. Sports spectators, bikers, campers, or just someone waiting for their bus outside in the rain. The Rayn Jacket keeps you dry and comfortable regardless of abilities.

Dr. Grace Teo, Co-Founder and CEO of Open Style Lab shares, “Rayn Jacket embodies the essence of Open Style Lab’s mission: the creation of accessible fashion that fits a whole range of bodies and abilities. Thus, it is very fitting as our commercial debut, and our contribution to a more inclusive, beautiful world.”

Your support by purchasing the Jacket or spreading the word within the first 48 hours post crowdfunding launch will help Betabrand deliver Rayn for the masses. Plus, the earlier you buy, the cheaper you get it. So it’s a win win for all.

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