Triumph Over Tragedy: Community Gathers To Support Ginger Zimmerman Through Fundraising Efforts

There are many situations in life that shape us into the people we become, some are great, others are tragic and life changing.

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Ginger Zimmerman had it all, a loving husband, three great boys and a wonderful life as a talented artist. At age 32, Ginger was told her heart was failing and she was dying. Her only chance for survival was a heart transplant. When word came that Ginger would receive her donor heart, her husband, David, was working offshore. A helicopter was sent to transport him to the hospital. En route, the pilot lost control of the helicopter and impacted with the water. Miraculously, the pilot regained control and flew on to the hospital. David thought he had only sustained minor injuries. In fact it was much worse, a tear to an artery in his brain that would take his life nine days later. Horrified at the unfolding events, doctors wondered if Ginger would survive this unbearable loss.

Since then, Ginger has raised her sons, been an outspoken advocate for organ donation and has traveled extensively promoting the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women Campaign. In February of 2014, while on her way back from a speaking engagement for the American Heart Association, Ginger collapsed in a Chicago airport. She was told she needed a second transplant to survive.

On January 24, 2015, Ginger received her second donor heart and is recovering 6 hours away from friends and family. She currently finds herself alone and in financial crisis living in NYC.

A crowdfunding site has been established to raise $24,000 to help pay Ginger’s expenses until she is cleared to return home, which doctors estimate to be 6-8 months. To learn more about Ginger’s story and to donate, please go to Ginger’s 2nd Heart Transplant Recovery.

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