Doddl Debuts Next Generation Flatware For Kids

Ergonomic utensils designed to promote independent eating

Doddl, a company driven to reinvent the art of mealtimes, is showcasing its newest award-winning product on Kickstarter. The campaign was recently selected as a Kickstarter, “Staff Pick” and has gained some considerable attention within its first week of launch.

Doddl has created a set of children’s cutlery, targeted at parents who aspire to make meal times a bit easier. These ergonomically designed utensils facilitate a better grip than your average kids flatware, and encourages babies to self-feed. “Existing children’s cutlery is a miniature version of adult cutlery. However, children have not yet developed the strength, dexterity and control to use such implements effectively,” stated Catherine Dodd, Co-founder of Doddl cutlery.

Doddl’s fork, spoon and knife set are designed to encourage children to meet development milestones, such as transitioning from a “Palmer Grip”, to a “Pincer Grip”- which is essential for skills such as drawing and writing. The unique design makes it easier for children to control the cutlery, and execute successful hand-eye coordination.

“We designed Doddl to help children learn to eat independently from a young age. Our cutlery grows with your child, so that they can learn to master the correct use of utensils”, says fellow Co-founder Rosie Phelps. “We see a lot of older children using utensils incorrectly, with the same palmer grip as younger children- and Doddl seeks to help improve the development of motor skill function, so that children can successfully transition on to normal adult cutlery using the correct pincer grip”.

Doddl seeks to reach a funding goal of a little over $15,000 before its campaign ends on Tuesday, June 2, 2015. Visit for more information or to back Doddl on Kickstarter.

About Doddl:

Doddl was founded by two sisters, Catherine Dodd and Rosie Phelps. The idea of kid-friendly cutlery began in 2013 when Catherine’s daughter was eating her dinner and the handle of her plastic fork accidentally broke. She then picked up the fork end and proceeded to eat her pasta much more easily. With the support of a Child Development Specialist, Catherine undertook extensive research and sample testing. The final designs promote the development of correct motor-skill function. You can visit Doddl’s website at for more information.

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