Introducing ProFunding Portal From Racefields Ltd – A World First

A crowdfunding management app available for smart phones, tablets and desktop. It’s free to join and beautifully simple.

Connecting the people with money to invest directly with the people seeking to raise money is one of the greatest innovations the Internet has ever produced, but with this advancement comes an inconvenience. To get the most out of crowdfunding, investors may have to utilise the services of numerous online platforms worldwide.

Most investors don’t have the time for this, but they still need instant and comprehensive access to their whole crowdfunding portfolio in one place.

Racefield’s new ProFunding Portal is the solution to this problem. Investors can now access all of their investments through their smart phone, tablet or desktop computer. This is a world-first.

ProFunding Portal has huge versatility; at its core it is a free management service that allows investors to view each of their individual investments across any platforms, including seeing when the investment was made, how much money was invested, the total income received and how much is expected in the future.

On top of this, useful information such as accounts details, reviews, summaries and announcements are also available. Our team of researchers are constantly searching for relevant and helpful information that can be passed on to investors through the app.

The benefits of this to an investor are invaluable; they will have their entire portfolio at their fingertips allowing them to manage their investments faster and more efficiently than ever before, as well as being kept up to date with the very latest financial information regarding their business interests.

It doesn’t stop there though, we have big plans for ProFunding Portal. The concept is hugely scalable and we intend to introduce other incredibly helpful features in the future, including the ability to instantly search for an ideal investment in a database as well as being able to trade investments with other investors.

ProFunding Portal is free to join and is available right now. It’s quick and it’s simple; with the crowdfunding industry growing day by day, this is the tool that every investor needs in their pocket.

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