Philly Startup “Gather – Make Life Interesting” Announces Kickstarter Launch With Help From Dance Students

Gather, a Philadelphia-based mobile startup dedicated to providing affordable pop-up events, will be celebrating the launch of their Kickstarter campaign Saturday at the South Street Spring Festival!

Gather, a Philadelphia-based mobile startup dedicated to providing affordable pop-up events, will be promoting their app and crowdfunding campaign Saturday [May 2, 2015] at the South Street Spring Festival. At 1:30 in front of Bauhaus Schmitz Gather looks to turn some heads in collaboration with Philadelphia’s High School for the Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) who have coordinated a flash mob to help promote the venture. The spectacle will feature 75 of CAPA’s talented dance students and a mixture of songs for thousands of spectators attending the festival.

Founder and President of Gather, Derrick Skipper says “The idea of life’s most memorable moments being contained in isolated incidents spread over years is too far in between; youth is limited and should not be wasted on routine.” So far Gather has hosted a kickball game on the Schuylkill bank, a promotional concert with local band American Dinosaur in Northern Liberties, and tug-o-war on the Art Museum steps. Small events like these have received positive feedback from participants who look forward to more of Gather’s pop-up events. They will vary in scale and attractions. Future plans include sumo suit wrestling, fire breathers, a massive water balloon fight, public art galleries, and a concert on wheels to name a few. The main appeal is the spontaneous nature of it all. Gather will challenge its users to make a split decision of whether to participate or miss out on a new experience that are typically rare opportunities. It hopes to become the standard of a newly-tailored experience for today’s media-savvy generation. Unlike similar platforms, Gather is not tied down to the formalities of working around other’s schedules or adhering to any niche audience.

How the “Gather” App Works

The “Gather – Make Life Interesting” App is the sole medium for users to receive vital information about Gather’s impromptu events. Users will sign up using their Facebook account and be included as a Gatherer. When an event is posted Gatherers will receive a notification alerting them of limited details such as time, location, and title of the event along with a picture that will hint at what it may be. The user follows their invitation and arrives at the potential location within the time limit they then can “Check In”. Not only does this action notify other Gatherers who are attending that event, it also earns them a “Gather Point”. Gather points accumulate over multiple Gather events and will eventually earn users a variety of rewards including “Secret Gathers”. These Secret Gathers will be held sparingly and exclusively for the most loyal Gatherers.

More About Gather

We at Gather believe young people are looking for something fun and interesting to do, but because of a lack of variety, don’t have the sense of urgency to get together and do anything worthwhile. With the popularity of social media at an all time high, people substitute human interaction with online, however, still crave the events that create moments worthy of sharing on social media. Gather creates pop-up events, meticulously planned behind the scenes, and notifies potential event goers at the last minute through the Gather app. These impromptu events bring a sense of urgency and excitement back to going out, getting together, and creating moments. CEO of Gather, and brother of Derrick Skipper, Brandon Wright elaborates, “It’s all well and good to go to the bar with friends, dine out, or see a movie from time to time, but that shouldn’t be your only option. Gather is the alternative. We provide a dependable product that offers memorable moments people are looking to share while utilizing the element of surprise. Gather can be anything, and you might not be sure what it is until you arrive, but you know it’s going to be a good time.”

Please keep an eye out for Gather Central by finding us on Kickstarter May 2nd

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