Founders Share Exchange Committed To Founders Of Pre-Seed Stage Startups

Launches first annual fShareX Founders Summit and Pitch Competition

fShareX, a non-profit organization committed to supporting pre-seed stage technology startups, is launching its first annual fShareX Founders Summit and Pitch Competition. Being held on Friday, April 24 in Boston, the fShareX event brings first-time founders of early-stage companies together with proven entrepreneurs and investors to share information and collaborate. The Founders Summit also features a pitch competition in which ten company founders will pitch their start-ups, receive feedback from investors and ultimately secure investor meetings among other prizes.

“Many first-time founders have amazing, innovative ideas and are passionate about entrepreneurship,” said Kathy Fogel, an entrepreneur and founder of fShareX. “Like any first-timer, they need direction and a support system to succeed. We are committed to providing a platform for that support, and we are thrilled to have the support of top-tier venture capital and angel investors at our first Founders Summit.”

Venture capitalist and serial entrepreneur Chris Lynch, a partner at FKA (the technology group that was formerly part of Atlas Venture), will kick off the event with the opening Keynote. Before investing in early-stage big data and enterprise technology companies at FKA, Lynch was an angel investor and was CEO of several emerging enterprise technology companies; most recently big data company Vertica Systems which was acquired by HP in 2012.

“The truths of entrepreneurship, like what is critical to succeed, the rewards, what it takes to get there, and overcoming adversity – these are all important discussions as entrepreneurs begin their journeys and that is what we’re going to talk about next week at the fShareX event,” said Chris Lynch.

Will Bunker, founder of and Manny Fernandez, CEO/co-founder of and recipient of the 2014 SF Angel Investor of the Year award, will also be speaking at the event. Bunker will speak on building sustaining companies. Fernandez will speak on the passing of regulation A+, known to many as equity crowdfunding, and how very early-stage companies can get funding from investors on

“There were many successful people who were generous and helped me as I built my first company. Giving back and helping the next generation of entrepreneurs change the world is a large part of my focus. Startups are a team sport not a solo event,” said Will Bunker.

“I am excited to speak and meet the best that Boston has to offer,” said Manny Fernandez.

In addition to presentations and a panel discussion, ten entrepreneurs will participate in a pitch competition where founders will have 2 – 3 minutes to pitch their start-ups to a panel of venture capital and angel investors. A winner and a runner-up will be selected, both which will receive on-the-spot feedback and the chance to pitch additional investors.

About fShareX

fShareX is a non-profit organization that supports founders of pre-seed stage start-ups. To founders, by founders, for founders, it is committed to helping first-time founders get their start-ups off the ground and funded.

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