Announcing Sonoma County Start-Up BizOps, Inc.

If 2015 will be noted for a dramatic increase in digital marketing, then is on the money. The site is a community-based digital multimedia advertising company promoting new business, local tourism, selling business opportunities and reaching local and State government through the ‘City of Sacramento Blog.’

This ‘hybrid publication’ was created by Sonoma County resident and artist Debbie Peoples-Perry to promote tourism and new small businesses, which she refers to as the 80% and backbone of the economy.

The magazine is weighted heavily with editorial photography that she edits for minimalist design, while promoting local photographers with photo credit and back-links.

California photographers are invited to send links to their galleries by email for consideration. Local bloggers versed in the area of publication interests are invited to contribute content promoting tourism and new business with blog posts from within their community as only they know it.

BizOps, Inc. is seeking crowdfunding to create the same for all communities in California working with the BizOps template she has created. Debbie’s primary focus will be to promote her community of Sonoma County, but investors will be interested to know that the intent does not stop in California. BizOps long-range plans include a national build out, making BizOps uniquely scalable with potential national branding.

BizOps, Inc. connects the dots linking three e-super highways promoting Tour & Travel, new business, businesses for sales, and a voice to the decision makers of local and state government. Crowdfunding contributors will be offered initial ad space in relation to contribution and investors are welcome to contact Debbie, who has definitive plans for future growth of related services and branding.

To read today’s crowd-based op-ed, news and information please visit CU, or follow us on Twitter at CU – Twitter.


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