RED MATTER™: Introducing The World’s First Triple-Action Pre-Workout

Monster Labs announced a pre-order campaign for RED MATTER™ pre-workout on the world’s largest crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo. With the campaign that began March 2015 athletes and fitness enthusiasts from around the world will have the ability to purchase RED MATTER™ PRE-WORKOUT before it is available to the general public.

The RED MATTER™ campaign can be found at: RED MATTER Indiegogo campaign

According to Daminda Ralalage, Head of Research and Development at Monster Labs explained, “There are 100s of pre-workouts in the market, but there is nothing like this. We wanted to build a product that is unique and effective. RED MATTER™ is the first pre-workout to act as an advanced pre-workout, a super fat burner and muscle growth & recovery formula. We wanted to seek support from Indiegogo community to help finalize the R&D process and deliver this unique pre-workout to millions of sports supplement users around the world”.

RED MATTER™ is manufactured in the USA and Ireland under ISO, Informed SPORT & ESSANA certified facilities. Combining cutting edge food technology and advance performance ingredients, RED MATTER™ pushes boundaries of the sports supplement market further!

This state of the art, concentrated pre-workout formula features:

• Powerful strength and power boosting matrix

• A fat burning formula

• Advanced muscle growth & recovery matrix

Athletes and fitness enthusiast can visit RED MATTER campaign page to learn more and support the Indiegogo campaign. Monster Labs expects to start shipping products from May 2015. RED MATTER™ will initially be available through selected retailers and online.

About Monster Labs

Monster Labs (part of The DA Nutraceuticals ltd) is an innovative sports nutrition company that develops high performance “pre and Intra” workout supplements that help professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts to perform better and get stronger.

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