HotShot® Offers A Breakthrough In Premium Coffee Convenience

Available at their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign starting March 24

HotShot has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter offering supporters the most convenient way to drink delicious, premium coffee. HotShot hot coffee is available instantly in pre-heated, ready-to-drink cans and eliminates the time and mess of home preparation and the need to stand in time-wasting lines at gourmet coffee shops.

“After a trip to Japan in 2009, I discovered hot fridges and ready-to-drink hot coffee,” said Danny Grossfeld, the founder of HotShot. “After extensive research and more than $1 million in investment to optimize the product, package and HotBox offering, HotShot is a product that has been adapted from the proven formula in Japan to fit American tastes.”

Inspired by the $14 billion product category in Japan, HotShot offers a line of delicious gourmet coffees in ready-to-drink cans. The cans are stored at 140 degrees in an innovative hot fridge, the HotBox; this is the perfect temperature to drink premium coffee. All you do is reach in, take one, pop the top and drink it.

Early backers of the campaign will be able to get a “starter kit,” consisting of a HotBox that holds nine cans and a case of 12 HotShot cans for $99. For those who have a bigger coffee craving, retail-sized HotBoxes that hold up to 36 cans are also available throughout the campaign. Additional beverage refill packs will be available as add-ons.

HotShot beverages are packaged in aluminum cans with insulated labels to allow consumers to comfortably hold a hot beverage. HotShot’s beverages, which are made from 100% Arabica beans grown in Sumatra, have a long shelf life of one year at room temperature and four months when continuously heated. Flavors include Espresso, French Vanilla, Caramel and Hot Chocolate; all beverages are Kosher.

Both the small- and large-sized HotBoxes have a thermostat to maintain the temperature at a constant 140 degrees. The lack of a compressor enables the HotBox to use a small amount of electricity. Down the line, the smaller HotBox models will feature a car plug for use while travelling or tailgating.

HotShot is now ready to launch and products will be delivered to early backers by September 2015. Backers who are unable to pledge for early bird options will receive their products by December 2015.

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