ChaosPrime® Presents The First Undetectable Information Embedded In A Standard LTE Transmission Using Digital Chaos™ At Mobile World Congress (MWC) In Barcelona

Dr. John Terry, CTO at U.S.-start-up ChaosPrime® heads to Barcelona for the MWC, March 2-March 5, knowing that the patented Digital Chaos™ waveforms he debuts there will thwart cyber intruders and revolutionize digital security across wireless communications. What ChaosPrime® originally developed for the military will soon be available to the masses.

ChaosPrime® invites the world to “search for the undetectable” as it presents a first implementation of its patented technologies in the area of undetectable wireless communications.

“We are proud to demonstrate our breakthrough Digital Chaos™ technology at MWC,” says Dr. Terry. “It is the ideal event for introducing the first undetectable embedded transmission of voice, data or audio in an LTE communication signal using Digital Chaos™ technology. ChaosPrime® ushers in an entirely new paradigm of sending information completely unseen in a wireless connection. The technology can be deployed for use in markets such as the Internet of Things (IoT), smart metering or in-home broadband service. The information goes unseen by potential intruders.”

At MWC, ChaosPrime® will demonstrate its Digital Chaos™ technology in Software Defined Radio (SDR) configuration running on an industry standard ZedBoard (Avnet). This first implementation allows customization of the Digital Chaos™ SDR via the dual ARM cortex Processor required for new application development.

The technology can support LTE, 3G, Wi-Fi, TV White Spaces (TVWS) and LTE-Assisted Access (LAA) signaling technologies.

Meet ChaosPrime® at Ubuntu App Planet Stand in Hall 8.1, where the co-founders join the Ubuntu Core partnership program for their Industrial and Telecom IoT. ChaosPrime® has partnered with Ubuntu Core to enable the Snappy Ubuntu Core platform with a secure and undetectable wireless signaling technology for IoT communications.

“We are inspired to support entrepreneurs and inventors focused on life-changing projects,” says Mark Shuttleworth, Founder of Ubuntu and Canonical. Ubuntu Advantage is the professional support package from the experts at Canonical.

ChaosPrime® is providing developers the ability to purchase via Kickstarter an opensource development kit for building and testing their applications using the company’s Digital Chaos™ opensource technology.

About ChaosPrime®

ChaosPrime® Inc. is the leading developer of Digital Chaos™ waveforms
with patented technologies in the area of wireless communications.

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