Gondola Boardgame Kickstarter Launches

Gondola is a family based game about gondola racing through the canals of Venice.

SoulJAR Games is proud to announce the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for its latest upcoming product. Gondola is a fast-paced gondola racing game through the canals of Venice. Designed by award-winning game designer jim pinto and featuring artwork by Alyssa Faden, Gondola features a unique racing system.

“It’s a delightfully simple game, with hidden layers of strategy and options,” says Alyssa Faden. “Block the other players and shape the fastest path to victory. It’s great fun for a broad range of age groups.”

Suitable for 2-5 players of all ages, players take turns placing sections of the route over the course of play and moving their boats. Unlike other race games, the first person to jump to the front isn’t necessarily the winner, keeping the game interesting and competitive throughout.

Each tile has three values: Speed, Drift, and Capacity. Speed is the speed of your gondola when starting on the tile. Drift represents the current and limits how many spaces you can move. You move the lower of the two values. Capacity is the number of boats that can end their turn on a given tile.

The goal of the game is to be the first person to pass through three checkpoint tiles, so you never know who’s going to win the race. For longer games, you can play up to five checkpoints. With additional rules and tile effects, players use strategy and a bit of luck to claim to be the Canal Master of Venice.

All of us at SoulJAR Games are excited by our latest project, and we think you will be, too. The Gondola Kickstarter continues until the end of the month of February. Start racing your gondolas now. Avanti!


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