FreeWavz Launches On Fundable To Drive Speed-To-Market In 2015

Leading maker of fitness monitoring ear wearables follows up successful Kickstarter campaign with seed round funding on Fundable

Today, FreeWavz, the developer of smart wearable technology, launched its crowdfunding campaign on Fundable, FreeWavz will be expanding to accelerate the build of production capacity to meet customer demand.

Invented by Dr. Eric Hensen, a highly regarded ear, nose and throat surgeon in Florida; FreeWavz are smart, wire-free earphones designed to follow the natural curvature of the ear. FreeWavz incorporates cutting edge Bluetooth technology and medical grade fitness monitoring, utilizing an associated smartphone app to set audio controls and the announcement of a comprehensive range of fitness metrics.

“The wearable fitness market will continue strong growth in 2015,” says Mike Kahn, CEO of FreeWavz.prrwadvert “FreeWavz will capitalize on this exploding market by giving consumers music inspiration during their workouts, while at the same time providing consistent and accurate fitness monitoring. Users are getting two amazing performance products in one!”

To date, FreeWavz has earned its place at the top one percent of funded crowdfunding campaigns, raising more than $325,000 and pre-selling more than 1500 units on Kickstarter. FreeWavz was also a CES 2015 Innovation Award Honoree for Wearable Tech as well as a Finalist as a Breakthrough prototype in the Bluetooth SIG 2015 Breakthrough Awards.

More recently, FreeWavz added former Sony VP and CE Veteran Mike Kahn, to round out its executive team, as CEO.

Accredited investors can see more about the FreeWavz business plan and crowdfunding campaign on Fundable:

About FreeWavz

FreeWavz is a fitness-focused consumer electronics company based out of Melbourne, Fla., developing smart wearables for the ears. Its first product, FreeWavz, a smart earphone with integrated fitness monitoring and Bluetooth technology, was successfully funded through Kickstarter in August 2014 and expects to start shipping in February 2014. Stay in-touch with FreeWavz through Facebook and Twitter.

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