NIN Ventures Making It Easier For Bitcoin Owners To Tap Into Venture Capital

NIN Ventures teams up with SnapCard to allow Bitcoin owners to participate in the NIN Ventures Technology (QP) Fund.

Bitcoin is emerging as a new form of alternative payment and a global currency. NIN Ventures understands the significance of this change and has teamed up with SnapCard to let Bitcoin owners tap into venture capital.BU complete card - 2014 - final We allow Bitcoin owners to attain liquidity via SnapCard in return for investment in the NIN Ventures Technology (QP) Fund. “By offering multiple alternatives, we are committed to making it easier for our investors to tap into venture capital. There are many vendors that accept Bitcoin and various places where Bitcoin owners can spend but NIN Ventures is a unique opportunity for them to invest,” said Nin Desai, CEO of NIN Ventures.

“NIN Ventures is a trailblazer in its field and our aim at SNAPCARD is to make it easier for owners to use digital currencies, so the partnership just made sense. We believe Bitcoin can add great value to the investing process. Opening up new doors and industries for consumers to use Bitcoin is something we focus on, so we’re excited to bring this to the community,” said Michael Dunworth, CEO of SnapCard.

To invest in NIN Ventures using SnapCard, one must first sign up on and verify accreditation. The next step is to complete the subscription documents, and select payment with SnapCard. Given the daily fluctuations in Bitcoin pricing, the settlement price will be based on the day of the initial / final close.

Click here for an introduction packet:

About NIN Ventures

NIN Ventures (or NIN.VC) is a first of its kind technology venture capital fund to be raised via World Wide Web. NIN.VC is a unique web-based opportunity for Accredited Investors to invest in a venture capital fund with a minimum investment of $100,000. NIN Ventures will invest in financial services technology, education software, internet and digital media, mobile communication, cloud computing, 3-D printing, and other path-breaking technology companies in the United States.

About SnapCard

SnapCard offers a suite of products and services which are designed to make it easy for the average consumer or business to use Bitcoin and alternative digital currencies. Founded in 2013, SnapCard is focused to help bring liquidity to the digital currency community. SnapCard is headquartered in San Francisco, California with offices in Australia, and Canada.

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