Named One Of The Best Startups In 2014 By Social Media Monthly, the first crowdfunding portal for reality TV and talk shows, soft launched 2 weeks ago, has already had more than 6000 unique visitors, and one fully backed campaign; now named one of the Best Startups of 2014.

Newly launched has clearly struck a nerve. Less than month old and the disruptive crowdfunding platform has already garnered 6000+ unique visitors,BU complete card - 2014 - final one fully backed campaign and has now been named one of the Best Startups of 2014 by Social Media Monthly.

The crowdfunding platform has attracted attention for its unique approach giving show creators three ways to get their show made: 1) traditional crowdfunding the pilot or the series; 2) collect enough social currency (backers can lend their social influence) to attract sponsors to fund the show; or 3) elevate social currency to viral and get a distribution deal.

Founder Adryenn Ashley shares the appeal, “As a show creator you can have a great idea but proving that without a track record has been impossible. Too many gatekeepers, too expensive and far too often, failure. With we give producers the keys to the kingdom, and all in one solution to prove that they have what it takes and enough hurdles to keep those who would game the system from making it through.”

The site uses a proprietary back end matching system to pair shows that show promise with potential sponsors based on the demographics of the actual backers of the show. Ashley explains, “If a sponsor is looking to attract men 18-34 who like travel and adventure, we look and see which shows are attracting that audience and pair them up.” This use of social profiles and influence is called Social Currency, and show owners barter their influence over their audience for sponsorship.

In addition to sponsorships, the site has curated over 500 independent television outlets to create a syndication network for shows that go viral.

On Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects that raise the cash still have to find distribution and still have many opportunities to fail. wraps all the pieces into one platform, to cultivate the best new shows, help grow the shows’ audience and fan base through the exclusive back stage pass, and in the end, harvest crowdpleasing shows sponsors and networks will fight over.

About Adryenn Ashley:

Serial entrepreneur Adryenn Ashley is no stranger to social media. As an industry influencer she is a sought after startup advisor and speaker and will reveal her formula for #SocialTV success during her talk at NABShow in April. As a former high tech priestess, she used to get to break into banks for a living. Ashley also developed a #SocialTV backstage pass app launching this year in conjunction with several shows, that revolutionizes the concept and use of second screen.

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