Quickbuds Prevents Earphone Tangling And Is Always Connected Between Earbuds And Smartphone

To make the device available, a Kickstarter campaign has been launched.

Quickbuds is a new self-retracting accessory that is compatible with any earbuds or earphones and prevents earphone cords from tangling.prrwadvert Users do not need to replace their favorite earbuds, they can simply plug in and store them through the new product. To start production of the accessory, a Kickstarter campaign is underway with a funding goal of $41,200. The crowdfunding campaign will only be rewarded if the goal is met by January 24, 2015.

After discovering that expensive wireless earphones are not the best solution because of their low sound quality and need to be constantly charged, Nathan Wright, a Mechanical Engineer, decided to develop an accessory that would help users keep their existing wired earphones attached, accessible, and untangled.

“Instead of purchasing wireless earphones, which can be cumbersome, you can use Quickbuds with your existing wired earphones, preventing additional waste in our landfills,” Wright, the product developer of Quickbuds, said. “Quickbuds offers a simple solution by allowing people to use the wired earbuds they already have, and it is far more inexpensive than buying wireless earbuds.”

With Quickbuds, there is no need to stuff earphones into tight or full pockets, possibly causing damage. The compact device clips onto anything including belts, purses, and backpacks, making earphones very accessible. The accessory acts as a middleman between earbuds and a phone, allowing them to stay connected at all times. When the user is finished listening, he or she may easily store their earphones with Quickbuds’ self-retracting feature.

Quickbuds is offering an early bird special to its Kickstarter supporters. The first 25 backers to pledge $20 will receive the new accessory for that low price. To view more about the new product and to become a supporter, visit bit.ly/GetQuickbuds.

About Quickbuds:

Quickbuds was invented by Nathan A. Wright, a Mechanical Engineer with a degree from the University of Kentucky. Together with suppliers, manufacturers, assemblers, and his father, a successful businessman, Nathan developed the device. After rigorously testing the product and patenting it in August of 2014, the team discovered that a crowdfunding campaign would be necessary to help fund the production efforts.

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