Hybrid Project Introduces The First MFi-Certified Universal Charging Cable

The charging cable has Lightning, MicroUSB and 30-Pin connectors and is compatible with all iPhone, iPad models and Android devices

Hybrid Project has launched a Kickstarter campaign today to fund the mass production of the first MFi-Certified universal charging cable.prrwadvert The cable is compatible with all iPhone and iPad models, Android devices, power banks, portable speakers and more. The cable comes with Lightning, MicroUSB and 30-Pin connectors – every popular mobile device on the market use one of these three connectors.

Hybrid Project’s universal charging cable is the first on the market that is MFi-certified. This means the product is designed to connect specifically to Apple products and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple’s strict performance standards. The non-certified cables that flood the market today can harm consumer’s smartphones and tablets due to irregular current control and subpar materials.

“We realized that there was not a single 3-in-1 cable with MFi certification on the market,” said Hybrid Project founder Peter Yoon. “This will solve the problem of being stuck without a compatible charging cable. People will have the ability to charge all of their mobile devices using one cable, as well as the ability to lend the cable to their friends regardless of what phone they have.”

The universal charging cable is engineered with an inner steel braid, tin-foil insulation and high quality TPU for maximum durability. The cable is designed to withstand day-to-day beatings without accumulating wear and tear.

The first 200 backers on Kickstarter will be able to pre-order the cable for only $15- after that, the cable will sell for $19. If funded, Yoon will use the money raised to purchase raw materials, enter into mass production and fulfill the orders. Hybrid Project’s crowdfunding campaign will run for 30 days. To pre-order the first MFi-certified universal charger, visit bitly.com/HybridProjKS before January 18th.


Hybrid Project was founded by Peter Yoon and Giuseppe Massara, who have over 10 years of experience in the consumer electronics field. They have worked tirelessly to develop the only 3-in-1 charging cable on the market with Apple MFi certification, working closely with their manufacturers and Apple’s engineering team.

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