Ad Tech Startup Filmzu Creates Solution To Make Buyers Twice As Confident When Purchasing

Filmzu is the platform for brands to easily get custom video content created for them. Filmzu’s technology uses machine learning to intelligently pair brands with invite-only video producers based on the project’s budget and style requirements.

Filmzu – a free Ad Tech platform which pairs the top 10% of video producers with brands and businesses – is announcing their launch. This innovative company unlocks the incredible power of online video, allowing anyone to take an idea and turn it into a video for their business or cause. Filmzu provides brands a selection of handpicked filmmakers based on their budget and style to create custom video content for them, harnessing one of the most potent marketing tools available. This team builds upon their earlier successes, selling their first venture to Mainly Interactive, a U.S.-based conglomerate of digital properties.

Businesses and filmmakers equally benefit from this new tool to connect the people who need videos made with the people who can make them. Currently, 90% of shoppers use a video to make a purchasing decision – consumer confidence also doubles with a video. And with marketers valuing video over Facebook, Twitter and blogs, there is greater demand than ever for videos with creative designs and top-notch quality at affordable prices. Filmzu’s launch is timely – video’s importance is exploding. Over 1.2 billion videos are watched in the USA alone, every day – and this number will double by 2016. Nearly everyone has experienced the profound emotions that video can invoke, from tears to peals of laughter – and there are countless stories of videos going viral to every corner of the globe overnight. Companies and crowdfunders alike are well aware of a video’s ability to drive revenue and attention to their product or cause. On, video producers go through rigorous screening to ensure their quality and professionalism before they are invited to join.BU complete card - 2014 - final This ensures a seamless and creative collaboration process.

Co-founders Nick Ghirardelli and Rupert Ralston are joined in a shared mission to harness digital media creatives to produce superior videos for businesses through this second venture together. Nick is a UI/UX designer, front- end developer and adventure enthusiast. Born and raised in San Francisco, Nick co-developed a highly successful distressed asset company in Southern California as his first venture, and has been working on tech startups for the past decade.

“A great video is the single most effective way to get people talking about your company. Filmzu succeeds by taking the friction out of a once very painful process.”

-Nick Ghirardelli, Founder

Rupert is a New Zealand entrepreneur, software engineer, investor and athlete who has been developing online applications for the last 15 years. His business acumen in the sector was fine-tuned starting and directing companies in Europe, Australasia and the United States. For more information or to use their product, go to

“We created a destination where any sized company can get premium content made for their brand or business effectively disrupting traditional ad agencies”

-Rupert Ralston, Founder

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