All Ecosystems Go: Coin Of Sale Integrates Into GoCoin Platform To Bring Seamless Fiat Conversion

Risk-averse retail merchants can instantly convert Bitcoin to fiat, eliminating a common barrier to accepting digital currencies in retail stores

Today the popular Bitcoin POS solution Coin Of Sale announced it has integrated with the GoCoin digital currency payment platform. The integration allows new or existing Coin Of Sale merchant customers to sign up for a GoCoin account via Coin Of Sale and enjoy the benefits of accepting Bitcoin payments at retail locations and receive fiat (USD, EUR and other European currencies) directly into the merchant’s bank account.

Digital currencies such as bitcoin have been a trendy topic in the retail sector, but their complexity has turned o ff many merchants. GoCoin and Coin Of Sale together are on a mission to change this perception.

Coin Of Sale’s “one-click” QR code payment solution has helped speed up the adoption of digital payments by brick and mortar retailers by allowing the buyer and seller to quickly transact using any portable device with a web browser such as an iPhone or tablet. GoCoin makes it possible for merchants to accept Bitcoin at checkout without taking on any risk associated with the new digital currencies.

“We’re excited to announce our partnership with GoCoin to deliver instant fiat conversions to our growing retailer network,” said Tomas Forgac, founder of Coin Of Sale. “Integrating with GoCoin provides our customers with more flexibility on how they can manage their sales — something we can now offer by being part of the GoCoin digital payment ecosystem.”

“Tomas was driving bitcoin adoption with local retailers before anyone even knew the digital currency,” said Steve Beauregard, founder and CEO of GoCoin.BU complete card - 2014 - final “He has a knack for not only spotting market trends, but getting ahead of them, a talent he’s already bringing to our partnership.”

About Coin Of Sale

Coin Of Sale is a cloud-based Bitcoin POS software solution that enables secure, one-click, Bitcoin sales transactions to be completed at retail stores using any smartphone or mobile device with a web browser. Coin Of Sale works directly with merchants in 10 countries (Singapore, Thailand, Korea, United States, Canada, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic).

About GoCoin

GoCoin is the first international payment platform for bitcoin and emerging digital currencies, making it easier than ever for online and retail merchants to accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin at checkout. GoCoin insulates merchant operators from the complexities and volatility of alt-currencies by settling transactions in the currency of their choice. Founded in July 2013, GoCoin is an international group of companies with offices in Singapore, London, Douglas, Boston and Santa Monica.

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