New Educational Robot Helps Kids Learn Coding Through Music

Controlled by musical notes, Wigl dances to instruments and makes music practice fun for kids. Odd I/O LLC is now taking pre-orders for Wigl at Indiegogo.

Today, Odd I/O LLC, an educational robotics company, will launch their crowdfunding campaign for Wigl, the first musical robot buddy for kids.BU complete card - 2014 - final Wigl is controlled by musical notes through instruments such as a recorder, guitar, fiddle, and even a singer’s voice. By sequencing notes together, like lines of code in a program, children can make Wigl dance and even uncover secret dances. This fusion of right brain creativity with left brain logic engages children and promotes cross-disciplinary learning.

While most robotic toys on the market require a smartphone or a computer for remote control, Wigl interacts directly with the child and their instruments. When asked why, Founder Vivek Mano said, “Most children’s entertainment is moving towards software, mainly on tablets, and I believe that limits their creativity and understanding of what’s possible. We want kids to think outside the tablet, and so we remove the screen in order to encourage direct interaction with Wigl.”

After extensive testing at a number of schools and children’s museums over the past year by hundreds of children and their parents, Wigl is now ready for the public. Since winning the “Crowd Pleaser” award at Robohub’s Robot Launch 2014, Odd I/O has teamed up with Indiegogo to bring Wigl to the public.

About Odd I/O LLC:

Odd I/O LLC is an educational robotics company based in Portland, OR. Founded in 2013, Odd I/O has developed the first educational toy robot with a musical spin. Odd I/O won the OTBC (Oregon Technology Business Center) Hardware Pitch competition in October 2013 and took home two awards (Indiegogo’s Crowd Pleaser and Lean Startup) at Robohub’s Robot Launch in May 2014.

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