MagClip Launches On Kickstarter

MagClip: Tame Wild Earbud Wires & Untangle Your Life

MagClip is excited to announce its official launch on the most popular crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter today at 6:00 am EST.BU complete card - 2014 - final MagClip, the patent pending two-piece magnetic clip system that helps users seamlessly attach earbuds to their clothes, will retail for $15, however early backers can purchase at the limited time pricing of $7.

Young engineer, Martin Basiri, a recent graduate from The University of Waterloo, created MagClip. Basiri realized a serious lack in the earbud market after many frustrating occasions of his earbuds falling out. “Like most people, I had problems with my earbud wires falling out my ears and tangling while either working out or doing daily tasks,” says Basiri. He knew there was a better solution for managing earbud wires, thus MagClip was born.

MagClip, utilizing strong rare-earth magnets, secures earbuds and helps prevent them from falling out and bouncing around carelessly by attaching them to the users clothing, also improving the way users interact with their earbuds. Until MagClip, there was no adequate solution to securing earbuds to clothing or preventing tangles. Other products are inefficient and impractical, as they require clunky pieces to accomplish the simple task of wrapping earbuds together. MagClip is compatible with any brand earbuds.

With multiple reward levels to offer backers a variety of color choices and options, MagClip will launch today at 6:00 am EST. Once MagClip reaches its $5,000 goal, tooling will begin in December, 2014 with manufacturing complete in January, 2015, so backers will receive their MagClips as early as February, 2014.

To follow the MagClip team and project, visit the Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts @MyMagClip and help spread the word on your social networks. For more information about the MagClip project simply go to

About MagClip:

MagClip is a patent pending 2 piece Magnetic Clip system that helps users seamlessly attach earbuds to their clothes. This secures the earbuds and helps prevent them from falling out and from bouncing around carelessly. It also improves the way you interact with your earbuds.The MagClip is composed of two rare-earth magnets that attach to your earbud cords, then securely fasten your earbuds wires to the your shirt. The magnets are strong, making them suitable for attachment to even thick clothing. By using the MagClip, the user can focus on doing what they enjoy without having to worry about interference from loose wires. MagClip is the ultimate is solution for earbud tangling. By using MagClip the user will never have to worry about tangling earbuds again.

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