Unique Kickstarter Campaign Plays With Themes Of Space And Surrealism

Outer space and surrealism mix in a new Kickstarter campaign presented by indie band Spaceshag.

Spaceshag, a San Diego, CA-based trio, launched a unique Kickstarter campaign last week incorporating outer space and surrealism with cyberspace.prrwadvert While the main focus is on music, Spaceshag has a keen interest on intergalactic travel and NASA as apparent from their kickstarter video at spaceshag.com.

Citing influences from Bill Withers to Alejandro Jodorowsky and Neil Armstrong, Spaceshag are intent on producing interpretive music and art. “I like to think of Spaceshag as the X-37B which recently landed back on earth with top secret information,” says guitarist and vocalist Justin Werner. “Our launch and message is about how to let loose and have a good time without hurting one another and the planet earth.” Spaceshags Kickstarter campaign is to produce and distribute a debut album of original material.

Kickstarter provides an ideal vehicle for Spaceshag as a way to acquire funding from the general public. Kickstarter is a global crowdfunding platform that helps creative projects by offering tangible rewards in exchange for pledges. Crowdfunding has become an increasingly viable way to raise funds for bands like Spaceshag, who are not associated with record labels.

Spaceshag is a San Diego trio established in 2013 consisting of guitars, bass, drums, harmonica, vocals, theremin and sound design. They are known for playing benefit shows and promoting various causes.

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