Wire Factory, Inc. Launches IndieGoGo Crowdfunding Campaign For The Tegware Bagel® iPhone 6 Case With e-Jot Board

Fun doodling, anytime. Jot down anything. Erase it for another go. It’s always ready with iPhone 6.

Now available for pre-orders on indiegogo.com with Tegware Bagels starting at $49

Wire Factory, Inc. announces today that its Tegware Bagel® 360 and Tegware Bagel® 6 for iPhone 6 cases with e-jot board are now available for pre-ordering on the world’s largest open-funding platform IndieGoGo at special introductory pricing.

You are free to jot down just about anything. Tegware Bagel 360 and Tegware Bagel 6 will make doodling your favorite pastime. Tegware Bagel is so easy to use. You can scribble anything and erase instantly with the simple push of a button. This case packs the convenience of a notepad into a package you already carry with you.

If you’re one of those people who can’t seem to get by without pen and paper,prrwadvert you’ll love the feel of our elegant, ergonomically designed stylus and e-jot board.

Tegware Bagel provides the world’s best natural handwriting experience, nothing like writing on smartphone or e-ink LCD. Screens on smartphones have latency when you write, making the experience feel unnatural. Tegware Bagel provides an experience closely resembling pen and paper.

Then again, if you’re the type of person who prefers to go paperless and get by with just the phone, you know the pain of wanting a quick way to take notes. With Tegware Bagel, there is no more waiting for your phone to power on just to jot down a quick note; no more putting someone on speaker phone just so you can use your phone to enter a phone number into your address book.

Those last little inconveniences are gone: now you go paperless but still enjoy the convenience that paper provides. The e-jot board is always on, always waiting to help you when you just want to use a pen to do something quick. Not everything needs an app – unleash your inner creativity instead, with the power of the blank page (or, rather, blank screen).

A sampling of the perks available for contributors on IndieGoGo includes:

$49 – Early Bird ‘Tegware Bagel 360’ – One Tegware Bagel 360 case at more than $10 off to eventual retail price.

$59 – Early Bird ‘Tegware Bagel 6’ case at more than $10 off to future retail price.

There are also reseller packs and various perks available, for full details, including video and pictures, visit the campaign at igg.me/at/tegware.

To find out more about Tegware Bagel products please visit tegware.com, like us at facebook, and follow us at twitter.

About Wire Factory

Wire Factory, Inc., a San Francisco based startup with co-founders from companies like Frog Design, Microsoft, Nokia, Blackberry, and others. Tegware Bagel is only the first of many products that may come from Wire Factory as we focus on enabling the smarter lifestyle – accessories that make life easier.

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