Game-Changing Growler: GrowlerWerks’ uKeg Keeps Beer Fresh, Cold, Carbonated

A growler that can improve brewers’ access to the masses and serve their beer as they intended it to be served — fresh and carbonated — had its Kickstarter launch Oct. 15. GrowlerWerks’ Kickstarter will pay for production of these functional, attractive self kegs that have the potential to change how — and how often — people enjoy craft beer.

The nation is brewing craft beer that’s too good to pour down a drain and isn’t always available in bottles. But drain-pour often happens when beer goes flat in a glass growler that’s brought home. To rectify the situation and keep good microbrew from going bad, four craft beer-loving engineers in Portland got together and designed the uKeg, a pressurized growler that keeps oxygen away from beer and maintains perfect carbonation from the first to last pour. The uKeg keeps beer fresh for weeks — and, therefore, people happy. No wonder Oregonian beer guru and writer John Foyston called it a “brave, new growler.”

A combined 47 years of engineering and product-design experience created this better way to store beer that allows craft beer drinkers to consume growlers full of beer on their own timelines.prrwadvert An easy-to-use regulator cap, equipped with a low-cost, food-grade CO2 cartridge, partners with a vacuum-insulated, stainless steel vessel to make the uKeg’s unique benefits possible. The first 250 Kickstarter backers get the uKeg for $79. After that it’s $99. A12-pack can be purchased by businesses for $900 (40 percent off future retail).

This durable, easily carried growler allows you to take home the beer you love, fits in your refrigerator and goes wherever you go — camping, to the beach or a friend’s dinner party. It can also be used for cider, wine, kombucha or soda. And it’s a looker with Steampunk style, thanks to its dials, regulator cap and brass hardware. An interchangeable tap means you can personalize your uKeg to represent your favorite brewery or whatever the uKeg is pouring. Limited-release tap handles are offered to Kickstarter backers.

The uKeg eliminates one of life’s great disappointments: flat beer.

And it enhances one of life’s great pleasures: drinking craft beer.

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