Toilet Stopper Sewage Back-flow Invention: Licensed To FLOODKIT Ltd, Now Crowdfunding On Crowdcube For New Inexpensive Flood Protection Product Range

Via Inventions UK, Inventor Cyril Staley (70) has assigned international patent rights to Floodkit Ltd, who are raising capital on Crowdcube, the popular UK crowdfunding website,prrwadvert to bring an entire new range of low cost flood protection products to market.

Toilet Stoppers are small portable hand-held devices, which can be kept in a cupboard for use in an emergency flood warning scenario for rapid fitting into downstairs’ toilets. They may also be used as a precaution to give peace of mind whilst on holiday, without the worry of untreated sewage flooding your home from toilets.

Floodkit will provide affordable equipment to quickly fit in an emergency without difficulty or special tools. These will protect homes and businesses from flooding vulnerabilities through doorways, airbricks, showers, pipes and toilets etc.

In an emergency with a toilet stopper available, people can very quickly stop pipeline back-pressure from forcing raw sewage into ground floor bathrooms and elsewhere. Many people don’t realise its not just brown river water filling homes and streets!

Devastation due to human waste contaminating floodwater is often what trashes buildings, forcing inhabitants to vacate their homes for months on end, living in caravans while extensive repair work is done.

Having met their team at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston where they carried out thorough testing at the Engineering Innovations Department at UCLan, Cyril and his son and business partner, Nick (who is also an inventor), sincerely wish Floodkit every success.
You may view Floodkit’s toilet product video being installed

Obtain Ltd, which has its headquarters in Wokingham, was founded in 2001. Obtain is actively preparing several other innovative products to enlarge its intellectual property portfolio.

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