Introducing ARbeerGlass, Arvuu Makes Drinking More Interactive And Fun With Augmented Reality

Arvuu brings fun and interactive beer glasses to enhance the drinking experience, launched on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform!

Toronto, Ontario Canada: ARbeerglasses are a set of uniquely engineered and engaging beer glasses that are aimed at maximizing the craft beer experience of beer lovers. Things we do, people we are with, and the way we drink affects directly how much fun we can have when it comes to drinking beer. Here is a product that can provide all of these experiences and substantially enhance our beer drinking experience.

ARbeerglasses come in six different types with unique shapes and six different characters. The glasses are designed to enhance the taste of the beer depending on the glass used. Designed by leading glass experts in North America; these glasses are designed and imprinted to connect the beer drinking community and enhance the overall experience of drinking beer. A new technology has been used in these craft beer glasses, called ARenginePRO. This allows the company to link the digital media directly with glasses!prrwadvert The extra features provided include: 2 games and a Social Media community site aimed at the Craft Beer market. All the user needs to do is activate the glass by using an Android or iOS device by downloading the ARenginePRO application from the Android play store or the Apple app store. In order to view the enhanced features on the glass, the user needs to launch the ARenginePRO app and centre the logo on their devices screen. This activates the features instantaneously.

Since Kickstarter campaigns operate on an “all-or-nothing” basis. The company needs the beer community’s support to make the first batch of 2000 glasses. How can you help them? Well, the donation starts at $10 and goes up to $5000 and you can help them spread the word through social media. So start contributing and help them introduce you to the future of interactive drinkware!

About Arvuu:

Arvuu is a company committed to introducing Augmented Reality products to the world. Augmented Reality aims to provide a digitally enhanced view of the real world. Arvuu offers Augmented Reality solutions which are perfect for industries like printing and publishing, real estate, gaming, retail, marketing and many others. The company also offers its clients an array of creative services and solution.

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