ViVAX: The 007 Laptop Case, With An Italian Twist!

The 007 case does exist, with an Italian twist! Vivax launches toughest laptop case ever constructed.

Dubbed the “James Bond laptop case” by and the UK’s Daily Mail, ViVAX is nearly indestructible.BU complete card - 2014 - final It is CrushProof, ShockProof, WaterProof, SandProof, TempProof and AcidProof; it can carry a laptop into hostile environments as well as protecting your laptop from the stresses and strains of daily life. From summiting Everest, to navigating the Amazon River, or simply on the everyday commute, the ViVAX laptop case destroys the competition while keeping your information safe.

The company originated from a crowdfunding campaign which started a year ago on for which the ViVAX team has made a video ( where you can see the case survive being beaten, crushed and even run over by a car. Thanks to the campaign, ViVAX collected more than $50,000 in less than 30 days, which is the record for an Italian project on Kickstarter.

More than two years of thorough research and material science are behind the success of this project. Mattia Ventura, 22, is the founder of ViVAX. About the materials, he explains “We have sourced an extraordinary resin in order to guarantee the ‘unassailableness’ of the shells of our cases from atmospheric agents, extreme temperatures, corrosives, impacts, and from crushing.” The product is made of three highly innovative materials. The outer shells are made of Nex™, a highly resistant resin which has been used previously only in aeronautical engineering. The gasket is made of a material originating in Formula 1 and which makes the case completely hermetic. Finally, probably the most innovative and important material in the construction of the ViVAX case is Poron™ XRD™-an ex-military patent; it is the only material in the world able to absorb 90% of the kinetic energy generated by an impact. As Ventura explains, “The material is soft but in case of impact the molecules instantly freeze, forming a sort of shield, a shell which protects the object fully.”

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